Euphoria Cafe

Tonight we were sitting around after dinner and decided to head out for a beverage. Euphoria Cafe is tucked away in a little strip mall in Varsity Estates in NW Calgary just in case you aren’t sure where this place is.


It’s not a huge place but a great place to go for a coffee or whatever else you are into. Their menu has a wide assortment of hot drinks such as specialty coffees as well as juices, smoothies, gelato and bake goodies. They are also known for their waffles as mentioned in one of my previous blogs. Staff are always great to talk to, and very helpful.


This is the third or fourth time we’ve been here now and have not been disappointed with our choices. The first time we were here was during the YYC Hot Chocolate Festival, my wife wanted to try the Blue-Beary Hot Chocolate. My wife absolutely loved it.

Last couple of times I was here I had the Hedgehog Machiatto, and this time I had the Spanish Latte. My wife has stayed true to the London Fog. All of our drinks have been excellent. On one of my previous visits I tried the Bulletproff coffee which was suggested to me by a customer that was ordering one for himself. It to was a good drink.

Tonight the Cafe was extremely busy, lots of people and varying age groups. We seen a few people with their laptops out doing stuff. They do have WiFi. Tonight we sat outside to enjoy our drinks.

So if you are in the neighbourhood or even if you are not, take a few minutes and make the drive to check this place out. It is worth the drive or a ride on the LRT.


Baya Rica Cafe

Baya Rica Cafe is located in Bridgeland in a converted old house with a Costa Rican flair. They had some cool Costa Rican masks on the walls. I remembered seeing masks like these we were in Costa Rica. There is very little parking near by, we had to park a couple of blocks away and walk. We were there fairly early so we couldn’t imagine going there later in the day. The girl that helped us was very friendly and patient with us.

Today we ordered the London Fog and a Caramel Latte. The London Fog tasted pretty good, but my Caramel Latte was lacking caramel flavour. My other issue with the drinks was that they were served in to-go cups, which seemed strange because we were having breakfast there. I am thinking the barista messed up as I seen other drink orders being served in glass mugs.

As mentioned above we ordered breakfast, we ordered the daily special which was Sweet Potato Waffles with fresh fruit. The waffles were really good, they had an interesting but good taste because of the sweet potatoes. The fruit on the waffles was an assortment of fresh berries. So good.

I also noticed that roast and sell coffee beans.

Overall we had a pretty good experience at Baya Rica Cafe. I would suggest trying this place out. There is also lots to see and do down in Bridgeland, so definitely worth the trip.

Rosso Coffee Roasters

Rosso is located in the very trendy neighbourhood of Inglewood. This place has a very modern flair both inside and outside. The place was very busy. We ended up sitting way in the back of the coffee shop. There was lots of people sitting in the back with us but none of them were drinking anything. A group of students beside us discussing a project, but again no drinks. There was also a huge sectional couch at the front of the shop that seats about 8 people.

We ordered the Chai Latte and a Sweet Latte, a sweet latte is a regular latte and is sweetened with honey. Then the barista told me they couldn’t make it for me because they had ran out of honey. So i decided to go with the regular latte. No wait says the barista, our shipment of honey just showed up. So guess what, I was getting the Sweet Latte. When the drinks arrived, instead of a saucer under the cup, the drinks were served on little planks of wood. Very cool.

photo 10

I think their drink menu is a little limited compared to what I seen at other shops. They do sell pastries, juices and beans as well.

Overall, I really like the place. Beverages were great tasting. Could have been a little hotter. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Would like to go back and try some food at a later date.

London Fog Cafe

Just finished work and in need of a beverage. So we decided to check out London Fog Cafe, it’s located at the corner of Heritage Drive and Macleod Trail. It’s kind of tucked away in a strip mall there. It is a little Mom & Pop place and the pride of ownership shows. The staff were very friendly and helpful. It has a very casual atmosphere.


Today we ordered the London Fog of course and we also ordered a Vanilla Latte. The drinks were brought out to us very quickly and within a few minutes later we received the food that we ordered. Drinks were very good.


The food we ordered was the “special of the day”, which was a Turkey Cheddar sandwich and a bowl of Chunky Chicken Potato soup. All food was made right in front of you. The food was reasonably priced, and was excellent.


They had a ton of fresh baked goods in the display case and looked really good.

photo 1

While we were eating our lunch, we had 2 different staff members stop by to ensure everything was good and to see if we needed anything. Then as soon as I was finished my meal, they came by and picked up the dirty dishes, and looking around any open tables were clean and ready for customers.

This place is what you think a Mom & Pop small cafe should be like, with Mom & Pop working behind the counter. Cool little place.

If you want a relaxing place to go and sit back and enjoy a beverage, come here. You won’t be disappointed. I will coming back and try “The Famous Eggy Bagel”.

Forty-Ninth Parallel

We are at Yew Street and West 4th at the corner location of Forty Ninth Parallel. This location has public parking, which was very nice since we are driving a F150. There was rules to follow before entering the cafe.

This location also sells Lucky Donuts, which I hear are very good. The cool thing about this location is in their “greenhouse” seating area there is garage style window doors. It is nice open on a hot day like today.


They have a wide variety of different types of coffee and teas. This is a cafe that definitely will appeal to any level of coffee/tea connoisseur.

We ordered an Americano, a London Fog, a Venezuelan, and a Vanilla Latte.

If you are feeling like you would like some Forty-Ninth Parallel swag they sell t-shirts and hats.  As a nice souvenir I purchased one of their Large Mugs.



This morning we listened to my daughters friend Nicolas and go to Kafka’s. It is located on Main and Broadway in Mount Pleasant.


The cafe is not that big, 12 tables, they have a good selection of beverages and food. This morning we ordered a Spanish Latte and two London Fogs.

As for the food we got a White Chocolate Raspberry Oatmeal muffin and a Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookie. Both are delicious. The cookie had a nice hint of salt in every bite and the muffin has a very strong raspberry taste to it, but still very yummy.

The best part about this little cafe is that the whole front area has sliding windows, so they can completely open the front of the cafe to the street. This would be nice on a very hot day.

All the art on the walls were for sale and very beautiful. One of my favourites was by Bill Wilkinson called Together. You could rent it for $60 a month or buy it for $1,950.

Caffe Artigiano

To end off our wonderful day we stopped at Caffe Artigiano on Hastings. This is always a nice stop when we are in Vancouver.


It was nice tonight because the cafe wasn’t very busy and it was nice out so we enjoyed our handcrafted drinks outside. We ordered a London Fog, a Hot Chocolate, a Caramel Moccachiato, and a Apricot biscotti.

It was a nice way to end off our day, Father’s Day breakfast, Whitecaps FC2 winning game, dinner at Browns Social house, Cleveland Cavaliers winning against Golden State Warriors, and a relaxing beverage here.