The Bullet Coffeehouse

For the next couple of months we are going to be visiting coffee shops and checking out their Christmas drinks.

The Bullet Coffeehouse


With November being a bit colder than we were expecting and after receiving a bunch more snow than we were expecting and while we prepare for Christmas celebrations it’s important to take time to reflect on the moments that matter, in the past and in the present. Why not take a moment to rest, reflect, and enjoy the new Christmas drinks at The Bullet Coffeehouse?

They had several choices on the email that they sent out, so on Sunday we headed over to Bullet to check things out. Creating a new drink takes experimentation, trial and error, and a new coffee drink requires an idea, quite a bit of research, and just a little luck.

Here is a list of what The Bullet Coffeehouse are offering this holiday season: Black Forest Mocha, the Warm Your Soul Mocha, Peppermint Mocha and the Winter Snowball Latte.

My daughter and myself decided to try two of their holiday drinks, my daughter chose the Black Forest Mocha and I went with the Warm Your Soul Mocha.

The Warm Your Soul Mocha (a spicy mocha) is warm, frothy and had just the right amount of spice. This drink has a combination of cayenne and chili pepper in a mocha. After the initial first taste, this drink really catches you off guard, and once the drink gets mixed up a bit, then the flavors actually work well together. The taste of this beverage is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. This drink really speaks to your senses.

The Black Forest Mocha is just like the cake less the  actual cherries. This drink actually tastes more like chocolate cake than a Black Forest cake. It was. missing a hint of cherry flavoring. We were talking with the owners daughter on shift and she explained how the drinks were made. She then made us a small version and still noticed that the espresso was still over powering the cherry syrup. This is a drink they need to play around with the ingredients to make this one work. Overall the drink had good flavor but lacked as I mentioned earlier in the cherry flavoring.

With everyone being pulled in a hundred different directions during this upcoming Christmas season. Give yourself the chance to pause. Enjoy an expertly roasted and prepared cup of coffee and think about the memories you’re building now. Breathe in the winter air, give thanks and find peace wherever you are in life.


Longview Steakhouse

To celebrate my wife and mine anniversary, our kids are taking us out for dinner in Longview. They have an amazing restaurant that serves the best steak. It is called Longview Steakhouse.  When you are driving up to it, it doesn’t look like much, just a house in the middle of nowhere. When you walk in it’s a whole other story. The waiting area is cozy and comfortable, the restaurant is small and quaint.

When we sat down our waiter literally brought over the specials menu that was written on a dry erase board. It was quite amazing.

There were so many different options to order we really couldn’t decide. To start we got a caesar salad, a garden salad, a bowl of loaded potato soup, and a escargot roll. Everything was absolutely amazing. Could have licked the plates clean if I could have.

For our main dishes my daughter and I got the Peppered Steak and my son and wife got the filet mignot. The steak just fell apart, there was no need to even use a knife. Again so delicious I could have licked the plate clean.

After all that food, I couldn’t imagine use getting any dessert but my wife couldn’t say no to the Goat Cheese Cheesecake and my daughter had to have the strawberry shortcake. It was an interesting delicious take on such classic desserts.

I could really see ourselves heading back out there for another special occasion. I strongly urge you to visit, just know that there is often a long waitlist to get a reservation, so book now!


While in Lethbridge we decided to check out this place I have seen in the past called Cuppers. It is located in the old bakery right in downtown Lethbridge. Inside was big, but they had so much coffee and tea supplies everywhere.

In one whole area it was all tea and tea products. Everywhere else they had coffee. Along one whole wall they had so many different kinds of coffee beans, from all around the world. After looking at what they had, I decided to get some called Shark Attack.

While we were shopping we also found that they have an area that you can purchased beverages to go. We got a Peach Ice Tea, a Vanilla Latte, a Black Tea, and a London Fog. Each beverage was delicious, it was just sad that we had to get then to go. We enjoy sitting and enjoying the beverages at the location. Cuppers didn’t have a place to sit and enjoy the beverages.

I feel like our next trip down south we will stop back at Cuppers to get some more new kinds of coffee and maybe some new kinds of tea.


Great Full Cup

On our way to Lethbridge, we decided to stop in Vulcan and get a coffee at this little coffee shop on the corner. Since we are in Vulcan everything is Star Trek inspired. This little cafe had Spock inspired beverages and food items.

Walking into this little shop there was a couple people sitting around a table talking and in the front corner of the cafe they have a little makers shop that was selling headbands and other small items.

When we got up to order there was really only one thing my daughter wanted and that was a Spockuccino. It was a Caramel Swirl Frapaccino. I had a Caramel Macchiato, my son had an Americano, and my wife had a Snow White Chai. All of the beverages were absolutely delicious.

Their kitchen was surrounded by reclaimed wood and they had a display case with a bunch of food items that looked amazing.

After we enjoyed our amazing beverages we walked next door to Batter Up Bakery where they had  dessert treats for an amazing price. We managed to get twelve misfit buttertarts for twelve dollars. It was awesome.


Then we headed to Lethbridge.

Second Trip to Edmonton

Stems – Red Deer

On our second trip to Edmonton we stopped in Red Deer again, but this time we visited a very unique coffee shop. It was actually a flower shop that also sold coffee. It was definitely a different experience sitting amongst flowers enjoying a hot beverage.

Since they didn’t have very many options it made our selection quite simple, we ordered a Vanilla Latte and a couple London Fogs. We also got a blueberry loaf and a cheese bagel with cream cheese.

Everything was good, but the drinks could have been hotter since they were way to easy to drink. We then realized that they didn’t have a real milk steamer or anything like that, it was one of those push button steamed milk with mixture machines.

It makes sense since they probably don’t have many people getting fancy beverages, looking at the flowers and enjoying a beverage.

I cannot see us going back to this cafe again, unless we were going to get flowers.

Bru – Edmonton

This was the coolest place I think that we visited in Edmonton. It was down on Jasper Ave and it is a coffee and beer house.

On the back wall there is a poster explaining the numerous different kinds of beers. On the opposite wall there is a poster explaining coffee. The night we went there, there was only a couple people drinking hot beverages.

After looking at all the amazing items they had there, I decided to get a pour over, and my wife and daughter had a hot chocolate with baileys. Little to my knowledge this little trip would cost as much as it did, the shot of baileys for each hot chocolate was really expensive. My daughter even bought a small container of orange juice and it was eight dollars, which seemed like a lot.

On the upside, the beverages were delicious. The pour over was so amazing, I could really taste the different notes from the coffee. The way my daughter makes her hot chocolate is mostly baileys with a little hot chocolate, the way Bru makes the hot chocolate is mostly hot chocolate with a little baileys.

It was nice and quiet while we were there, and it was amazing because we got to talk to the guys there and see where else they would suggest us going to check out.

I could really see us visiting this location again, but maybe next time try some of their amazing alcoholic beverages they have.

Cafe Blackbird – Edmonton

This cafe is located in a strip mall in a community. From the outside it just looks like a store front, but when you walk it directly to the right there is product for sale, and then there is a long counter with tables to the left. While we were there, the tables inside were pretty full, so we decided to sit outside since it was a gorgeous day.

After looking over their menu, we ordered a couple London Fogs, an Americano and a Vanilla Latte. Each of their beverages came with a little biscotti, which was a nice addition to any of the beverages.

While sitting outside it was hard to see anything because you are on a side street, so you are there just to enjoy, not to people watch. The street was quiet with a car every once in a while, so it was pretty peaceful, minus the fact that there were wasps everywhere buzzing around.

When we were leaving we were looking at the dessert items they had and it all looked delicious, until you ask how much they were. It seemed like they were a little over priced for how much you got.

Overall the experience here was a good one, would we go back? I don’t know.

District – Edmonton

For our final coffee for the weekend, we stopped at District Cafe and Bakery. This was a very strange cafe we have visited. They had a small outside patio, and inside there was very few tables with a very long bar with numerous alcoholic items behind, instead of ordering inside like everywhere else, there was a waiter who came to you.

Today we ordered a London Fog, a Cappuccino, and a Vanilla Latte, to go with those beverages we ordered a slice of chocolate cake and a banana cream pie, which we thought would be a slice, but it came out as a six inch pie. I’m glad we were sharing it.

Overall the experience was good, could have been better since we wanted one thing on the menu and they said they didn’t have it, it shouldn’t even be on the menu is what the girl told us.

As for the food, it was good, and the drinks were good, but could have been way better. I cannot see us visiting this cafe anytime soon. They could have had better service and just overall better everything.


First Trip to Edmonton

Sorry that this is a delayed post, I have been so busy with work and then Halloween, I haven’t had anytime to post these. I have made this into a super post where I have placed the Red Deer coffee shop we stopped at as well as the ones in Edmonton. So without any further adieu…

City Roast Coffee – Red Deer

On our way to Edmonton we decided to stop in Red Deer at a little coffee shop called City Roast. They are located on a main road through Red Deer. From the outside this little shop didn’t seem like much, but for a fact it seemed like it was going to be little.

Walking in there was only a couple tables where people where sitting reading the newspaper and talking about their plans for the day. They had many different types of coffee to try and the best part they had multiple different kinds of coffee that you could try. They had at least ten different kinds of coffee for each of the different types.

On the other hand they have a ton of different beverages that you can try for anytime of the year. That morning we had tried the Caramel Dream, a Americano, a Manchester Smog, and a Vanilla Latte.

Unfortunately we couldn’t sit and enjoy our beverages since we were on our way to Edmonton, but as we drove, we enjoyed the scenery and our beverages. We would definitely stop in and visit them again on our next trip to Edmonton.

Remedy University – Edmonton

Our first stop was a coffee shop not that far from University of Alberta’s campus called Remedy. We wanted to go to the first store location since Remedy has four locations around Edmonton.

Driving up you have to be careful because there is no parking allowed in the lot close to the shop, instead there is paid parking on the street in front. Thankfully when we drove up there was a spot not far from the crosswalk.

When you first enter this little shop you are bombarded by a wall of posters and pamphlets of everything and anything. The main floor has multiple tables and chairs with one really big table that you can share. Their upstairs has a quieter feel where students can go and study. There was not many tables up there.

Their menu has a lot of different items. Lots of drinks and a variety of different food options. They had multiple kinds of chai teas, fun fact is that they steep their chai for two days before serving it. As for their food it is primarily Indian cuisine, they had butter chicken, chicken tika, naan, and many others.

After reviewing the menu we decided that we would get a Gothic Latte, a Chai, and a Syphon coffee. As for the food we had some vegetarian samosa’s, a butter chicken wrap, and a chicken tika wrap.

The atmosphere of this coffee shop was very much how you could picture a campus coffee shop, busy with students coming and going. Since school hadn’t quite started it seemed like friends just catching up.

The Gothic Latte seemed more like a grey latte because it was not as dark as what it should have been. It seemed to lack a little flavour.  The Chai was really good, you could really tell that they steep the tea for a while to get the flavour they way they wanted it. Unlike other Chai’s where you loose the flavour half way through, this one kept the Chai flavour all the way to the last drop.  The Syphon was not good, it was not great. Other places use a very strict timing to create this precise Syphon, but here it seemed like it was rushed. The coffee was not timed in any way to make the coffee taste it’s best.

As for the food, the samosa’s were amazing, and each of the wraps were so good. They really pack a lot of flavour into each of the wraps. The wraps come with this sweet sauce that you can dip your wrap into and it really adds a sweetness to the wraps. The butter chicken wrap tasted good, the chicken tika seemed like it was lacking a little of the spice because it wasn’t very spicy at all.

Overall I would go back and visit this coffee shop again since there was so many different kinds of drinks on their menu that I would like to try.

Before we left one of us had to go to the bathroom and they are absolutely amazing. They are covered in graffiti. The female bathroom did not have as much as the male bathroom. I was so happy that we were able to get pictures of both the bathrooms and how cool the art is inside.

Iconoclast / Art of Cake – Edmonton

After driving around a couple times we finally found this very little coffee shop. It is located on a back street where only locals would know since we definitely had no idea it was down the street. It is located in a small building and next to the coffee shop there is a little bakery called The Art of Cake.

The coffee shop was very rustic with a small menu and very little seating. There was a record player that you could play the music you wanted to. It wasn’t very busy so we were able to order and get our drinks pretty quick. We ordered a London Fog, a Flat White, and a Vanilla Latte.

We took the drinks and sat in the middle between the two shops because we wanted to get some deserts from the Art of Cake. We ordered a slice of Strawberry Cheescake, some biscotti, and some mini cupcakes.

Our drinks were very good, the London Fog was very good, it had amazing flavour. The Vanilla Latte seemed to lack some vanilla flavour, it was almost all coffee and no flavour. As for the Flat White was small, smaller than most places, the flavour was very good and smooth.

The Strawberry Cheesecake was good but it was more tart than what we expected it to be. The cheesecake was light which was strange for a cheesecake. The cupcakes were delicious since we were able to try a bunch of different ones. They were very moist and delicious. The biscotti was absolutely amazing. We only have a little left still at home.

The Art of Cake got busier as we sat there, they only had a few tables inside that people could sit at. They had chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and around the perimeter of the store there was cabinets with older china in it. It was so cool.

When we returned the cups back to Iconoclast they commented that they were shocked that we didn’t get asked to move or leave of something like that because the people at The Art of Cake don’t like it when people don’t buy products from their establishment. We had ordered a ton from The Art of Cake so there should have been no reason that should happen. We were shocked that they even said anything that we would have been talked to because we wanted to sit in a mutual area.

Little Brick – Edmonton

For our final farewell to Edmonton this time we decided to head to Little Brick. This cafe is located in a nice community, so parking is difficult, all fenced in with a bunch of picnic tables outside and very few tables inside.

The location is a revamped house, so when you walk in it would have been the living room, and where we sat to eat probably was the dining room. It was well designed and they kept the rustic feel. They didn’t have a very big menu which was nice, you order what you would like and they bring it to the table for you.

It was such an amazing visual experience. There was not many tables but enough to fill on any given day. For breakfast we ordered the Eggs Benedict. We each had a different beverage, a hot chocolate, a London fog, and a Vanilla Latte.

Everything was absolutely delicious and I believe that we would go back and visit this location very soon.

Cool Beans – Red Deer

Driving home from Edmonton we stopped at a different coffee location in Red Deer, and I say location because this was not really a cafe, it was a double decker bus. It was very interesting because you could sit inside the bus on the top level because the coffee bar was on the main level. When we got there the girl who was working had told us they were closing in ten minutes, just for our reference.

After reviewing the menu, we decided on a Vanilla Bean Latte, a Cinnamon Toast Latte, and a London Fog. It was very cool that each of the drinks came in a different mug. The beverages were very good, very different, it was cool visiting a different kind of cafe.

If we were to go more in the summer I think this would be a wicked location to sit on their patio and watch people walk by on the street. It was located on one of the main streets in Red Deer so there was a lot of vehicle traffic when we were there, but during the summer I could see there being a lot of foot traffic there as well.

So that concluded our first trip to Edmonton. There was another trip we took as well that will also be posted.