Bike and Brew

Since all of the holiday beverages are still coming out, we decided to head down to Bridgeland and visit our favourite bike shop, Bike and Brew. Their shop has always been a favourite, you can drink your delicious beverage and shop for a new bicycle in the process. During the summer this little shop is very busy with cyclists.

The Coffee

Since they had their holiday beverages we thought we would try some. My wife had a London Fog (her favourite from there), my daughter had the Carmel Apple Latte, and I had a Eggnog Latte. The flavourings were amazing. In my daughter’s Carmel Apple Latte you could really taste the flavours, it was almost like they steeped apple tea and added milk, even though they didn’t.  My Eggnog Latte was amazing, you could hardly taste the espresso that they put in there. It had the right amount of Eggnog to make it taste like how I imagine every Eggnog Latte should taste like.

The Location

The day we decided to visit, it was not as busy since there was a chill in the air and it was a little chilly to be riding a bicycle today.


Angel’s Drive-In

The other night sitting at home trying to decide what to have for dinner, I thought, let’s go check out Angel’s Drive-In in Bowness. This place has been doing some major renovations and are finally complete.  I remembered going to this place as a kid for ice cream, because it is just down the block from Bowness Park.

The Interior

Inside, the interior is boldly coloured but simple, with a combination of modern chairs and small booths. Its décor is very 50’s diner vibe and it is really cool with old vinyl records on the ceiling. The place was very busy with people sitting as well as people doing take out. When you walk in, you go to the counter, order your food, and hope there is a table available, seating is pretty limited. We managed to snag a table as soon as we walked in.

The Food

I ordered a double cheeseburger with bacon and fries. My wife went with the cheeseburger and fries and my daughter went with the Bowness burger with onion rings. It seemed a bit pricey as my bill came to $48.00 which included two milkshakes and a bottle of water. Not exactly your typical fast food price.

One thing I didn’t like was it took about 20 minutes before we received our drinks and then food showed up about 10 minutes after that. I don’t mind waiting as long as the food comes out hot and cooked. Which it did. I guess I would say this place is a diner/restaurant and not a fast food joint.

We found out pretty quickly when our fries were delivered, piping hot, one thing I would have preferred is the fries to have been fresh cut, which these were not. This is too bad because for a place like this, you would expect that.

The first thing we noticed about our burgers was the size of the patty to the bun size. The patty was exactly the same size as the bun. On the single burgers, the bun to meat ratio was more bun that meat which was kind of disappointing. My double burger was the right meat to bun ratio. The beef patty was remarkably good – well-seasoned, and actually tasted as if it had been made from fresh beef. I do wish that they would have hand formed the burger.

The Bowness burger had a mayo based sauce, onions, pickles and lettuce on it. The double bacon cheeseburger and the cheeseburger had a ketchup based sauce, onions, and pickles on it. All of us enjoyed most of the toppings which were on the burgers. Overall the burgers were excellent.

The Drinks

We ordered a Pineapple milkshake, a Strawberry milkshake and a bottle of water as mentioned above. The pineapple shake was excellent, it was very thick and creamy and had great flavor. The strawberry milkshake was made very similar to mine but my daughter was able to order it with fresh fruit, which we found amazing for a diner style restaurant.


The staff were extremely friendly and helpful.



Societe Coffee Lounge

The Coffee

The Societe Coffee Lounge espresso bar display their current coffees on the counter next to the till as well as on their wall with other coffee related items for sale, including their own branded ceramic mugs made from a local vendor in Canmore called Rainmaker Ceramics.


Fratello Roasters, a local coffee roaster that has been around for quite some time and is Societe’s main roaster. Societe will also be bringing in feature roasters on a monthly basis, November’s roaster was Pilot Coffee out of Toronto. It looks like December’s feature roaster will be Pig Iron Coffee Roasters out of Mississauga, Ontario.

They offer espresso based drinks, pour-overs, assorted teas, as well as a very interesting drinks such as the Turmeric Latte and the Beet Root Latte. The one thing that I thought was really great is all of their syrups are hand-made in house by their staff.

On the Friday night we had a pour-over, a turmeric latte and a London fog. I was fortunate enough to get to Societe before he ran out of Pilot’s Los Lobos Blend. This is a Limited Edition offering from Costa Rica which is a classic Geisha coffee (extremely small batch coffee). The pour-over was amazing and had terrific flavour. The coffee had notes of jasmine and stone fruit and was extremely smooth to drink.

My daughter had the London Fog and she said it tasted good, could have been hotter and had more vanilla flavouring.

My wife had the Turmeric Latte and she said it was the very best Turmeric Latte she has ever had, and will now not drink them anywhere else. The flavors were outstanding, she was extremely happy when she got to the end of the drink, there was no gritty chunks in the bottom of here mug.

We also thought we would try something different. We ordered one of the Beetroot Latte’s. My wife didn’t mind it but my daughter and myself weren’t fans of it. The drink tasted like a juiced beet heated up. Just a bit to earthy for me.

We then went back to Societe on Saturday for their official grand opening, we tried a batch of different drinks.

My wife couldn’t get enough of the Turmeric Latte so she had another one. My daughter went out on a limb and ordered the London Fog again, she said it tasted better than the night before which she was thrilled about.

My son and I went for the flights. My son had the espresso flight done 4 ways, it came with a espresso shot, a latte, an Americano and a shot of espresso added to tonic water. My son liked them all but really enjoyed the espresso in tonic water. The drink was very refreshing.

I went with the espresso flight done 2 ways, so they did one espresso shot and a latte made with the feature coffee roaster (Pilot Coffee Roasters) and the other was made with Godfather which is from Fratello Coffee Roasters. The Pilot espresso was very smooth. I found the Godfather espresso was a little bitter. Sorry but didn’t enjoy the Godfather at all.

The Cups


Societe Coffee Lounge has a wide range of baked goods as well as fresh sandwiches, and other cafe fare. The two times we were there we didn’t try any of the food, but we will most likely try in the near future. It all looked very fresh and healthy.

Surroundings and comfort

Societe Coffee Lounge is a very modern espresso bar that is wonderfully equipped with both a sleek industrial cafe decor and a huge focus on coffee and presentation. The décor has huge steel beams coming out of the walls with lots of oversized lighting everywhere and it is well lit and very clean. There is plenty of low wooden seats and long bench style tables which were all pretty busy full of people sitting and enjoying their beverages. The espresso bar was not too big, but seemed to be spacious enough for 3-4 staff behind the bar for drink preparation.


The baristas were very friendly and clearly very knowledgeable. One thing I really enjoyed was that the barista’s were very talkative and very helpful when asked questions about their menu.

The Location