YYC Hot Chocolate Closing Remarks

Overall this month was a successful YYC Hot Chocolate Fest, we tried 25 different hot chocolates from 20 different locations spending roughly $300 with the average hot chocolate costing six dollars.

We tried a few more this year than we did last year. This year we really wanted to visit the more creative hot chocolates and avoid the simplistic hot chocolates.

I asked my daughter and my wife to rate their top five hot chocolates, each made their own list and wrote them down so I could type them.

My daughter’s list:

  1. Rosso – Orange Blossom Hot Chocolate
  2. Societe – Bumblebee
  3. Blush – Pistachio Orange Blossom Bliss
  4. Sucre – Orange Florentine Cocoa
  5. Bubblemania – Black Sesame Hot Chocolate

My wife’s list:

  1. Bridgeland – Be Still, My Beet(ing) Heart
  2. Rosso – Orange Blossom Hot Chocolate
  3. Societe – Bumblebee
  4. Bubblemania – Black Sesame Hot Chocolate
  5. Blush – Pistachio Orange Blossom Bliss

One thing both my wife and my daughter could agree on was Boogies Frozen Hot Chocolate was absolutely in a category all on its own. It was the only cold hot chocolate we had and it was amazing. We hope they keep it on the menu.

We were very pleased that we were a part of this years YYC Hot Chocolate Fest, and we are so happy that we were able to visit as many locations as we could.

Hope you all had a very chocolatey February.


Matcha Koro


After visiting Light Cellar, we drove through Kensington and tried Hexagon’s hot chocolate.

Their hot chocolate is called the Matcha Koro which is inspired by the lighthearted card game Machi Koro, Hexagon Cafe presents Matcha Koro! In the village of Machi Koro all the residents are filled with dreams that one day their small village will grow into a big city filled with bright lights. However, during the winter season, construction of the city of slows down and the people of Machi Koro sip their world famous hot chocolate Matcha Koro. Matcha Koro is white hot chocolate that is blended with matcha green tea folded together with steam milk. Garnishes include whip cream, fresh mint leaf topped with a raspberry and a green tea macaroon.

This hot chocolate had a very nice presentation, you even hot a whole matcha flavoured macaroon with the purchase of the hot chocolate. We were disappointed that they used a lower quality matcha, so you couldn’t really get the full flavour of the matcha. It was not a sweet hot chocolate despite using white chocolate in the drink. If you left the mint and raspberry in the hot chocolate, nearly half way through you started to taste the flavour.

Overall, we would like to go back and play some of the hundreds of games that they have. Such a cool cafe.

Black Gold Hot Chocolate


We decided to visit Light Cellar since when we tried their submission last year, we found it very good.

Their hot chocolate is called the Black Gold Hot Chocolate which is a hot chocolate loaded with the trending superfood tastes of golden turmeric & activated charcoal! Feed your body the “Black Gold” Hot Chocolate & you will feel exceptionally good!  Crafted with a creamy cacao butter base, dive into this rich, anti-inflammatory turmeric elixir topped with detoxifying activated charcoal chocolate!  Take a leap into this golden rich hot chocolate experience and be renewed, inspired, and activated!

This hot chocolate was very yellow from the tumeric, it had a chalky flavour to it, but it was still very good. It was surprisingly sweet with the flavours it had, it was also very creamy. This was one of the most expensive hot chocolates that we had tried at roughly $7.00.

Overall, this was a very healthy earthy hot chocolate.

Cinnamon Bun Hot Chocolate


After we visited Bubblemania we decided to stop in Bridgeland and go to Main Dish.

Their hot chocolate is called the Cinnamon Bun Hot Chocolate which is prepared with delicious flavour of cinnamon bun hot chocolate, made with real chocolate ganache for that extra rich chocolatey goodness, spiced with chili, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. Lastly, the drink is topped off with its own mini cinnamon bun, baked in-house!

I must say if you like cinnamon this is the hot chocolate for you. Our first sip almost tasted like we were attempting the cinnamon challenge. We were disappointed with this drink and we were hoping that it would have been better than it was.

Overall, I would not have recommended this hot chocolate to anyone, just because it felt like the cinnamon challenge on first sip.

Black Sesame Hot Chocolate


Tonight we wanted to stop at Bubblemania on 16th Ave. It was so busy and the parking lot is so bad, especially for someone who owns a big truck.

Their hot chocolate is called the Black Sesame Hot Chocolate which features Ground Black Sesame adds a nuttiness to rich hot chocolate. Topped with a Black Sesame Whipped Cream and Callebaut Dark Chocolate shavings. If Hot Chocolate and Chinese Black Sesame Dessert Soup had a baby, that baby would be this drink. It’s different yet familiar at the same time and more importantly, delicious!

We stopped in to try their interesting hot chocolate. They have a ton of flavours for their bubble teas and when we ordered we really believed that we were going to get a cold hot chocolate. So we were very surprised when we were handed a hot hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate was simple in presentation, but jam packed with flavour. We were so pleased that it was so good. To my daughter it tasted like a ferraro roche, and my wife had another profile but she couldn’t put a name to it.

Overall this hot chocolate was absolutely delicious, it had such amazing flavour.



After Bite we headed over to Boogies Burgers. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they had entered and we were very excited to try their creation.

Their hot chocolate is called the “Frozen Hot Chocolate” by earthly standards is an oxymoron, but what if you expanded your horizons to contemplate what would happen if Hot Chocolate was shot into outer space? Their Frozen Hot Chocolate is an intergalactic marriage of texture and flavor that defies earthly understanding, but speaks a language your tastebuds will understand on a cosmic level. Just to keep you from getting stuck in different dimensions while you drink this – they have grounded this beverage with an infusion of a sweet earthly delight – the Nanaimo bar.

As we were waiting it was so exciting to see that they did a cold hot chocolate. It was such a great flavour. They advertised that the milkshake tasted like Nanaimo Bars and sure enough it really did taste like that right down to the hint of coconut at the end.

It was so different from any other hot chocolate we had tried thus far. Thankfully this Frozen hot chocolate really did taste like a Nanaimo Bar and it is in a league all on its own since it was the only cold hot chocolate we had tried.

Overall, I really hope that they keep this one on the menu because I know I would go back and have another milkshake with some food.

Great job Boogies, you really did a great job.

The Kris Kringler


On Saturday we decided to hit a couple places including Bite Eatery in Inglewood.

Their hot chocolate is called the Kris Kringler which features their salted caramel, brownie crumbles and house made vanilla whip cream.

Their presentation was very nice, but when we decided to try each individual aspect of their hot chocolate we found that the caramel was very sweet, the brownie was delicious and the whip was great as well.

There was a slight caramel flavouring throughout the hot chocolate which was very nice, and it was a lot better than what we expected.

If they would have put a ton of caramel on the hot chocolate, they would have ruined it. If you have a sweet tooth this would be a drink for you.