We were on the hunt for a breakfast location and decided to try Nellies Cosmic Cafe on 17th Ave. We were shocked to see that they have three other locations in the city as well.

The Interior

This location is very eclectic with so much stuff on the walls. There is only 10 tables on the main floor and a couple more upstairs. When we got there it was very busy and we had to wait 10 minutes until we got our table. The servers were always checking in with us to see if they could get us anything while we waited. It was nice to see how busy and how many people are supporting the small businesses on 17th Ave.

The Food

They have many different food options and it was very difficult to decide what we wanted to eat. Everything we seen coming out of the kitchen looked amazing.

I got the Ukrainian Hash for $14.75. There is so much food which had amazing flavours. It was like eating Perogies and Sausage without the perogies.

My wife got the Western Scramble for $13.25. It was a giant omelet with really great flavours. There is so many veggies in this omelet.

My daughter got the Nellies Benny for $13.95. She had it with bacon and the hollandaise was very delicious, great flavour.

Each of these meals came with a ton of potatoes, they were chunky potatoes with delicious flavour.

The Service

The employees were very helpful and kind. It also seemed like everyone working there was very happy to be at work. I like to see the employees happy to be at work.

The Hours

Monday to Friday: 7AM – 4PM

Saturday to Sunday: 7:30AM – 4:30PM


There is a street parking all along 17th Ave, so you will have to pay either way.

Last Words

It was great to see people of all ages and music from all genres playing in this cosmicalicious location.

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