Hello everyone, today we visited Vendome Café in historic Sunnyside. The building they are located in was built back in 1912 and has been completely restored back to its original appearance.

The inside of Vendome has a rustic feel with lots of mirrors on the walls with 3 distinct rooms with tables in them. When you walk in the door, you stand in line to order your food and beverages. The kitchen is wide open for all to see while they are preparing your food. Once you get to the till, you order and then the challenge lies in finding yourself a table, no hostess here. Once we found our table, within 5 minutes are drinks arrived.

Today we ordered a vanilla latte, a matcha latte and a hot chocolate. All drinks were hot and tasted great. Within 10 minutes or so our food arrived, we ordered the classic eggs benedict, the French toast bread pudding (spin on French toast) and the buttermilk waffles. All food was excellent.


A few other things to mention is they do have a patio, it was a bit to cool outside today but there was a couple of brave souls sitting outside enjoying a coffee and a square. They offer live music on Thursday nights in May and also have free Wi-Fi.


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