Kaffee Klatsch

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Ugandan Semuliki Forest Cocoa & Peanut Butter Pretzel Hot Chocolate – $6.00

Locally roasted and ground chocolate from Goldie Craft Chocolate meets its true love in dark   roasted peanut butter and salty pretzels. Oatly oat milk unites these soulmates in a charming drink that marries sustainability and deliciousness!  Ugandan chocolate made locally by Goldie Craft Chocolate. Salted Pretzels. Peanut Butter. Oatley Oat Milk. Vegan. With flavours of chocolate brownie, fig, and inherent saltiness, this cocoa matches beautifully with peanut butter and oat milk.

In addition to the information above, we found out that Semuliki Forest Uganda Cocoa is located in Bundibugyo, Western Uganda and is grown by 1,002 smallholder farmers in the region, which 52% of whom are women.

This hot chocolate is very creamy and delicious with the oat milk. We could taste the peanut butter, chocolate, and the got the saltiness. We were very please that we could taste each of the different components that this chocolate is associated with.

After reading the description above, we didn’t get the fig sweetness but that might be an undertone flavour. If you want to try this hot chocolate with regular milk they will also accommodate. It was a delicious hot chocolate overall.

Yann Haute Patisserie

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French Breakfast 2020 – $9.00

Very gourmand & entirely plant based! Coconut & almond milk, hot chocolate Valrhona Alpaco single origin – Topped with a smooth & silky coconut milk foam accompanied by a very cute petit pain au chocolat. Bon Appetit!

We were really nervous about trying this one this year since we were not a fan of the hot chocolate last year from Berlingo. Also the price point of this hot chocolate is high, yes we know that they use all high quality ingredients, but still we believed that it was a little high for a hot chocolate.

To our surprise we could really taste hazelnut even though there was no hazelnut flavour anywhere, it could be the combination of the coconut milk and almond milk together that gives you those flavours. The coconut foam was absolutely delicious, great addition to the drink.

This drink is borderline great, we think if they would have selected one of the plant based milks instead of both it would have been great. Also love the addition of the petite pain au chocolat.

Master Chocolat

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Bernard’s Berry Hot Shake – $4.99

Master Chocolat by Bernard is offering a Organic White Raspberry Chocolate Hot Chocolate! Like a warm hug, with berry notes and reminiscent of a sweet milkshake. We hope you try one today!

We were really excited about this drink because a hot chocolate made from a chocolatier we knew it would be absolutely amazing. It was amazing, the white chocolate was not over powering at all which was delicious. It was topped with canned whip (sad face) and freeze dried raspberries with fresh raspberries and a couple chunks of pink chocolate.

The flavour of this hot chocolate is amazing and it is the best white hot chocolate we have had so far. Well done!

Bells Bookstore

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Candied Orange Hot Chocolate – $6.50

This year Bell’s Cafe is doing a locked up Candied Orange Hot Chocolate!!! If you like the idea of this dynamic duo you are in for a treat! Using Coppeneur Madagascar chocolate, we’ve made a rich dark chocolate ganache with orange oil. Garnished with a candied orange rim, whipped cream topping, chocolate sprinkles and in house made candied orange peel dipped in chocolate, this hot chocolate will not disappoint! Naturally gluten free and vegan with milk alternatives, this hot chocolate is for everyone! Our contribution to this festival is made with love and the idea that hot chocolate should have a dark, rich chocolate taste with pure ingredients, and we can’t wait for you to taste it!

To start, these guys are donating $2 per hot chocolate to Meals on Wheels which is absolutely amazing. I wish more places did this.

The candied chocolate covered orange piece was delicious and we ere excited to know that they make those in house. Now to the actual drink, the fist sip had an overwhelming orange oil flavouring. It really caught us off guard and tasted a little like perfume, which was really sad. As we drank the drink the oil texture stayed and the orange flavour was still a little strong.

We strongly believe that if they toned back the orange oil the drink would be a lot better.

Amato Gelato


White Rum Raspberry – $8.50

White Chocolate Raspberry Gelato, the name itself says it all with a creamy deluxe white chocolate base and raspberry ripple swirls which sits on a pillowy bed of fresh whipped cream with hot white chocolate and Jamaican Rum underneath to warm you up in the cold weather. Topped with crisp white chocolate shavings and dusted with rose petals, this delightful and elegant treat will satisfy any chocoholic!

When we arrived we were distracted by all the flavours of gelato that they had and they had a ton. This hot chocolate was very pretty and we were very impressed that they put a mini scoop of raspberry white chocolate gelato on top of the whip and it never sunk through to the chocolate. So that means that the hot chocolate stayed hot, when all the whip and gelato was gone the hot chocolate was still really hot.

They have amazing whip skills to be able to have a small scoop of gelato stay on the whip. We were very impressed and amazed. Also the addition of white rum was a great combination with all the other flavours of this beverage. My daughter says it may be one of her favourites of all that we have tried. Just amazing!

Cibo on 17th


Tiramisu Hot Chocolate – $6.10 (12oz), $6.80 (16oz)

Tiramisu Hot Chocolate topped with mascarpone whip and a lady finger. The syrups used are our house made chocolate sauce and a house made coffee syrup with condensed Marsala and decaf espresso.

This was one that my daughter was the most excited about trying and she said it fell short of her expectations.

Everything is made in house which is amazing but it had an overwhelming flavour of coffee. She was expecting a little but more sweetness and it was stronger on the coffee side. The whip should have had some mascarpone flavouring and she said that there was barely any flavour in the whip. They use Phil and Sebastian decaf coffee for their coffee syrup and my daughter said that she thinks it was a lot of coffee in the drink.

When my daughter asked about the drink the girl said that the drink was to resemble more of an Italian style tiramisu instead of the sweet tiramisu that most people are use too. She wished that they added a little more sweetness to the drink.

Caffe Beano


Love Potion #9 – $6.00

Cardamom Rose scented Bernard Callebaut Semi Sweet Hot Chocolate. Rich, luscious and delicious.

When we got this drink it was gorgeous, there was a lot of thought in the design of this drink. The freeze dried strawberries was a delicious touch. When drinking this hot chocolate we could taste the rose and the chocolate but unfortunately we didn’t get any of the cardamom flavouring. There was a lot of whip on the drink which in turn made the drink cool down really fast so by the time we were half way through it was luke warm. It was a good creamy and smooth hot chocolate though.