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Yesterday we decided to check out a new little cafe that just opened at the end of March this year. We were excited to see that somewhere new had opened. The location is super cute and beautiful, it is located in a brick building just off of 5a Street in Sunnyside / Hillhurst area. Not that far from Kensington. If you were just walking by the building, I’m not sure you would know what it is, since when we were waiting outside after we visited, some people asked us what the place was. Soon everyone will know.

The Interior

When you walk in you are immediately greeted by a wall of flowers and then you enter to the slight left. There is a family style table in the centre and then all along the left side there is a few tables. When we arrived it was very busy, thankfully a very nice family was just leaving and they gave us their part of the family style table. At the front on the right there is a cute little flower shop that you can purchase single stems or bouquets. On the right before the order table there is a mini cooler that only had a couple items in it today, two delicious kinds of tiramisu (obviously got one of those), and then shelves which I can only assume will hold something soon. Then there is a big counter where you order, they have a couple items there that you can see and purchase as well such as cookies and the cutest presentation of a slice of cheesecake. 

The Drinks

After seeing some of the beautiful drinks come out as we were waiting to order there was no way that we were not trying something beautiful they had to offer. They have a bunch of items that will be coming when they fully open, so it is a little limited right now, but what they had was delicious. 

I ordered a Vanilla Latte for $5.00, it had really good flavour and it was a little bigger than I expected to be. They currently use Rosso for their beans.

My wife ordered a Strawberry Latte for $5.95, it had no coffee despite the name. They used real strawberries muddled in the bottom to make the most delectable strawberry milk. It was a cool way to think of making it.

My daughter ordered a Chocolate Latte for $6.25, it also had no coffee. They used real melted chocolate in the bottom and as you mix it all together you get the most chocolatey chocolate milk. It was delicious. 

They had a bunch of other drinks that were absolutely beautiful that we would like to try next time we go as well. 

The Food

When we come to a new place like this we seem to like to try a little bit of everything. So that is what we did, we each had a different breakfast item, we could a cute little Ang Cookie, a slice of Jerry’s Cheesecake, and of course a tiramisu to go. When we arrived everything that we seen coming out looked beautiful and delicious so we were very excited to try some of the menu items that we had ordered. 

I ordered the Brown Cheese for $9.95, it is a croissant that has been pressed in a waffle iron topped with vanilla ice cream and shredded brown cheese. Now some of you may think that is crazy, but the flavours all together were absolutely delicious. If you tasted the cheese by itself it almost tasted like a smoked cheese of some kind. With the blending of all the flavours it made the crowaffle (new term, I think so) sweet which was crazy since my meal seemed a little more savoury. 

My wife ordered the Andsome for $10.95 which had the same crowaffle base with seasonal fruits, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. It was absolutely delicious. She only wished that they made their own whipped cream instead of using canned. Other than that it was amazing, she loves fruit and wished it had more.

My daughter ordered the Waffle and Parfait for $19.00, which had a giant housemate buttermilk waffle, whipped cream, strawberry jam, and a parfait with seasonal fruits, granola and honey. It was a lot of food, but I helped with the parfait. She said the waffle was delicious, nice crunch on the outside and light on the inside. She guessed it was a buttermilk waffle as she was eating it because of how filling it was. She too wished they made their own whipped cream but it was very delicious either way. 

We also got an Original Ang Cookie for $2.75. It was a cookie with two biscuits, a slice of butter, and some sweet red bean paste. The flavours all came together amazingly and was delicious. If you go, make sure you try this cookie for sure.

We also got a slice of Jerry’s Cheesecake for $6.00. Look how cute this is, it’s a slice of cheese. How they got such a creamy, smooth, soft piece of cheesecake to stay in this form was absolutely incredible. It was very rich and delicious, I would suggest sharing with someone, especially if you have eaten something else as well. 

My daughter purchased one of their tiramisu for $7.95 and it has really good flavour. They use what looks like a thin cake layer that is soaked in coffee with very thick layers of the marscapone whip. Some bites you get stronger coffee flavour and others very light coffee flavour. It is very good either way. 

The Service

Everyone working there was very friendly and looked like they were excited at how busy it was. All the questions we asked they were able to answer quickly which was nice. While we were waiting for our food and drinks everything seemed to come out really quick, you really didn’t wait more than five or six minutes for everything to come out. They brought the food items out as they were ready which was nice. They brought all the drinks together which was nice as well. If they keep up the amazing service and keep coming up with creative items they will do really good.

The Hours

Sunday to Thursday – 8:00am to 10:00pm

Friday and Saturday – 8:00am to 11:00pm


Since they are located away from the busy streets of Kensington, the parking is all free and for 2 hours. Just watch for some permit parking locations on surrounding streets. 

Last Words

We will definitely be visiting again in the future. We will wait until their full menu is available so we can see what else they have come up with. We are really excited to see what else they will come up with. Like I have said, you should definitely head down to Sunnyside / Hillhurst and check these guys out for yourselves. Here is their current menu if you are interested, they also have an extensive tea menu, it would not show well on here, sorry.

Final Remarks

Let’s start off by saying this month has been a lot of fun and we had an amazing time going to try as many hot chocolates that we can. We have had an awesome time driving around the city trying everyone’s creations. This month we tried a total of 61 different hot chocolates totalling roughly $500. 

We had high hopes for a bunch of hot chocolates since the location had an amazing hot chocolate last year, but this year they really disappointed us. We were looking forward to trying certain ones and they really let us down and this was very sad, whereas others really surprised us to no end.

So without further ado, here are my daughter’s and my wife’s top nine hot chocolates for the 2022 YYC Hot Chocolate Fest.

My wife’s top 9, in no specific order;

My daughter’s top 9, in no specific order;

We had found that there were some really good ones this year that didn’t make our top nine but did deserve a honorable mention because of their flavour or their creativity.

Honorable Mentions;

We could all agree that this year had some outstanding hot chocolates and some that missed the mark. The ones that were outstanding really stood out against the rest and the ones that failed really were disappointing due to flavour, texture, garnishes, whip, or their overall beverage.

We were very pleased to be a part of this year’s YYC Hot Chocolate Fest and we were so happy that we were able to visit as many locations as we could. We really hope you had as much fun as we did trying these hot chocolates and we hope that you may have followed our adventures this past month.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and who bought hot chocolates to help support Meals on Wheels. Thank you to all for helping this wonderful organization.

Here is to next year!

Happy Chocolating!


Spicy Ginger Black Tea Hot Chocolate

“This creation was so loved last year that it deserves a repeat! If you missed it last year, here’s your chance – this hot chocolate is made with steeped Assam black tea and gets an extra dose of heat from spicy ginger syrup. This surprisingly delightful trio will keep you warm all winter long! No hot chocolate is complete without a big pile of whipped cream and what’s wayyyyy better than a cherry on top? A COOKIE. A Spicy. Ginger. Cookie.”

Price: $6.20

This is an absolutely delicious hot chocolate, it has the best spicy ginger flavour. The combination of the spicy ginger with chocolate works, plus you get a delicious soft gooey and chewy ginger cookaie. It pairs perfectly with the drink. The Assam black tea is a great combination to the chocolate. You get a slight kick from the spicy ginger, but it is not crazy hot which is really nice. We hope that they keep this on their menu year round. 

Starr Distilling

Kirsch Noir

“Dutch pressed cocoa powder, nutmeg, cinnamon hot chocolate with a drizzle of cherry kirsch syrup, topped with cherry whipped Chantilly cream and a sprinkle of dark chocolate shavings garnished with a wedge of house made black forest gateau with a cherry on top!”

Price: $15.00, Spirited $18.00

Let me start off by saying how disappointed I was with this drink. I am fully aware that this is their first year participating, but I wanted to make sure they knew the feedback on their drink. I was the most excited about trying this creation based on the picture and the flavour combination. When the drink was placed in front of me I was shocked, it looked nothing like the picture, this was the ultimate ‘what’s going on?’ (Above is the picture of the expectation and what I received.) The hot chocolate supposedly had chocolate liquor, but unfortunately I didn’t taste any of that. The cake had the kirsch syrup, but unfortunately I didn’t taste any of that either. The only thing that had really good flavour was the Chantilly cream and the raspberry drizzle on top. 

When I asked the lady if they had made a change in the design of the drink, she said they had. I said that they should have posted because people see the photo on the website and expect to get that drink and not something different. If I knew that they had made the biggest change to this drink, I don’t know if I would have come to try it. You sell drinks based on flavour description and the picture, so if I would have read what I did and seen the picture I don’t know what I would have tried this one. 

722 World Bier Haus

Black Forest Hot Chocolate

“Who says dessert should be served on a plate? We choose to put it in a cup. Come and enjoy a delicious hot chocolate inspired by a classic dessert. The perfect blend of maraschino cherries with the lushes taste of chocolate, spiked with Amaretto, and topped with whip cream and chocolate shavings. This one will take you deep into the Black Forest.”

Price: Spirited $12.00

This is a very beautiful hot chocolate, when it came out it looked exactly like the photo. Absolutely amazing. I was so thrilled to see exactly what I saw on the website. The hot chocolate is spiked with Amaretto which was a nice addition to the chocolate. The flavour of the hot chocolate is exactly like a slice of black forest. I did start to lose the cherry flavour half way through the drink which was very sad, I wish it was all throughout the drink. Other than the missing cherry, the drink was absolutely delicious and amazing.  

Fonda Fora


“When given the opportunity to create a drink to benefit Meals on Wheel, we knew it had to be the best. What better to use than the king of nuts! The all mighty pistachio. Each shell kissed by god before being turned into our vanilla bean pistachio syrup. We take the best chocolate syrup that Sysco has to offer and steam it with Canadian 2% milk, with the option to substitute oat or soy milk. Lots of hot chocolate comes with whip cream, but this being the best of the best, we have made a whip with a little but of marshmallow to bring some richness to the beverage. We top it with a crumble of the glorious pistachio, with a masa based gluten free cookie on the side. You’re welcome to have it as non-alcoholic hot chocolate, but the winter is long and cold in Calgary and we could all use a little bit more spirit to get us through. We add a little bit of dark rum and green chartreuse to tie it all together. Come give it a try..”

Price: $6.00, Spirited $12.00

This hot chocolate has a delicious pistachio flavour throughout the whole drink. We loved the homemade whip topped with dulce, it really added a delicious sweetness to the salty of the pistachio. We really liked that the hot chocolate was not overly sweet and not overly salty, but a perfectly balanced between the two flavours. We agreed that it had the perfect amount of pistachio on the top that steeped into the hot chocolate. You get the hint of vanilla bean pistachio syrup throughout the drink which is amazing. If you love pistachio as much as we do, then you need to head down and try this hot chocolate for sure.  

1886 Buffalo Cafe

I Want S’More

“Inspired by our love for all things cozy, comforting and whimsical – Busker Irish Whiskey, house made Nutella hot chocolate, whipped cream, toasted marshmallow drizzle topped with a torched marshmallow – It doesn’t get much more comforting than that! And will definitely leave you wanting S’more!”

Price: $8.00, Spirited $14.00

We were excited to see S’mores, but we didn’t fully read and later found out that it is a Nutella based drink. Let me start by saying that we are not huge fans of Nutella. So this was not the hot chocolate for us. The lady that made it was very nice and friendly, but the drink was not our favourite. If you love Nutella this is the drink for you. The canned whip and store bought marshmallows was a very sad moment for us, since we love when cafes make their own form scratch. The hot chocolate itself was creamy and had a very strong Nutella flavour. So like I said at the beginning this is not for us since we don’t like Nutella, but if you love Nutella you will love this drink.

Flower & Wolf

Dark Chocolate & Cherry Burst

“Hot Chocolate topped with House Made Cherry Marshmallows. Spirited option available with Buffalo Trace Bourbon.”

Price: $9.00, Spirited $17.00

We were very excited to see that they made their own marshmallows. The cherry was subtle and a nice addition to the thick and creamy dark hot chocolate. This hot chocolate was very creamy, thick, delicious, rich and amazing. We found ourselves wishing that there was a little more cherry flavour in the hot chocolate.  But other than that we really enjoyed this hot chocolate and we would be curious how it would have tasted with the Bourbon.


Cookie Dough Hot Chocolate

“When you were a kid, did your parents ever tell you not to eat the cookie dough? Then the moment they looked away you snuck a taste? Guess what, they’re still not looking, time to go into Cookie Monster Mode!! Try Hexagon’s specialty Cookie Dough Hot Chocolate this winter.”

Price: $6.50

Let me start off by saying that the cookie was outstanding. A perfectly cooked chocolate chip cookie. We were sad to find out that they used canned whip and that the hot chocolate is a basic standard hot chocolate. There was no cookie dough flavour throughout the drink at all, the only spot we got any cookie dough was in the cookie. We wished that they would have added a cookie dough flavour throughout the drink, maybe with a cookie dough whip or marshmallow whip. In the drink they could have used a syrup that bought together the flavor a little more.