Final Remarks

Let’s start off by saying this month has been a lot of fun and we had an amazing time going to try as many hot chocolates that we can. We have had an awesome time driving around the city trying everyone’s creations. This month we tried a total of 51 different hot chocolates totalling roughly $396.

We had high hopes for a bunch of hot chocolates since the location had an amazing hot chocolate last year, but this year they really disappointed us. We were looking forward to trying certain ones and they really let us down and this was very sad, whereas others really surprised us to no end.

So without further ado, here are my daughter’s and my wife’s top nine hot chocolates for the 2021 YYC Hot Chocolate Fest.

Daughter’s top 9, in no specific order;

  • Jus Fruit : Oreo Cheesecake Hot Chocolate
  • Pixie’s Candy Parlour : Drop It Like It’s Hot
  • Monki Bistro : Cinnamon Toast Crunch Hot Chocolate
  • Black Sheep : Chocolat Chaud Facon Banana Split
  • Monogram : Bergamot Honey Hot Chocolate
  • Kristi : Kentucky Campout (BOOZY)
  • Cravings Market : Cherry Blossom Bliss
  • The Coup : Orange Blossom Bliss
  • Our Daily Brett : Gianni The Chocolate Rocket

Wife’s top 9, in no specific order;

  • Bubblemania : Spicy Ginger Black Tea Hot Chocolate
  • Pixie’s Candy Parlour : Drop It Like It’s Hot
  • Black Sheep : Chocolat Chaud Facon Banana Split
  • Kaffeeklatsch :  Schwartzwalder Schokomilch
  • Kristi : Polar Express
  • Cravings Market : Cherry Blossom Bliss
  • Jus Fruit : Red Velvet Cupcake Hot Chocolate
  • Monogram : Bergamot Honey Hot Chocolate
  • Holy Cannoli : Chocolate Covered Raspberry Hot Chocolate

We had found that there were some really good ones this year that didn’t make our top nine but did deserve a honourable mention because of their flavour or their creativity.

 Honorable Mentions;

  • Bullet Café : Bullet Oil Hot Chocolate
  • Sawa : All Hail Hot Chocolate
  • Velvet Café : White Chocolate Lavender Orange Hot Chocolate
  • Neighbour : When Doves Cry Lavender White Chocolate
  • Café Beano :  Golden Chai Chocolate
  • Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. : Campfire Delight

We could all agree that this year had some outstanding hot chocolates and some that missed the mark. The ones that were outstanding really stood out against the rest and the ones that failed really were disappointing due to flavour, texture, garnishes, whip, or their overall beverage.

We were very pleased to be a part of this year’s YYC Hot Chocolate Fest and we were so happy that we were able to visit as many locations as we could. We really hope you had as much fun as we did trying these hot chocolates and we hope that you may have followed our adventures this past month.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and who bought hot chocolates to help support Meals on Wheels. Thank you to all for helping this wonderful organization.

Here is to next year!

Happy Chocolating!


Hot Chocolate Nutella with mini Bomboloni (Hazelnut Chocolate)

“Our famous traditional hot Dutch chocolate with Nutella topping with our whipped topping drizzled in Dutch chocolate sauce topped with a mini Italian nutella bomboloni doughnut.”

Price: $5.00

Let me start off by saying that we were excited to try this hot chocolate since they had an amazing hot chocolate creation last year.

Now with today’s experience it was not the best at all. We arrived and was told to wait outside, which was fine, but when we came inside the staff were not very friendly about it. We stepped to one side and the staff member said to move over because we were too close to another table, although we were still 6ft away from the closest person. We were close to a plant that was all. It just seemed like the staff were not happy and there is no reason to treat your valued customers the way that we were treated. It was very hard to enjoy this drink after the experience we had.

Now the drink… it was a simple hot chocolate with whipped cream. There was no flavour in the hot chocolate except on the top with the sauce and the bomboloni. The bomboloni was oily and didn’t have any hazelnut flavour, the filling tasted more like chocolate than hazelnut.

Overall this was not a great experience for us at all and it was very disappointing to be treated the way we were.


Honeycomb Hot Chocolate

“Chocolate ganache hot chocolate topped with a house made honied marshmallow and a honeycomb crusted milk chocolate truffle pop.”

Price: $7.00

This hot chocolate was really good, it had a great creamy texture and the whip was really good. The honeycomb was delicious and super flavourful. The truffle pop was really good and a great combination to the hot chocolate. We would have loved to be able to purchase the honeycomb so that we could enjoy it by itself at a later date.


Cinnamon Bun Hot Chocolate

“Creamy cinnamon hot chocolate, garnished with a mini cinnamon bun.”

Price: $5.50

This hot chocolate was not overly sweet for being a white hot chocolate. It had a good cinnamon flavour and it subtly tasted like a cinnamon bun. You get a half of a cinnamon bun which was really good and really added some cinnamon bun flavour to the hot chocolate. We thought if there was a little more flavour in the drink it would have been a better cinnamon bun hot chocolate like some of the other ones we have had this month.    


Madagascar Tropical

“We have gathered the best ingredients Madagascar has to offer with in a real tropical treat! Madagascar single origin chocolate, tangy deep rich and unforgivingly smooth with a touch of vanilla bean and passion fruit and coconut to complete your trip to the tropics in each cup. Served with a crunchy Palmier! Both treats are plant-based and do not contain any dairy!”

Price: $9.00

Last year their hot chocolate was very thick and we were not big fans, so this year we went back hoping that it was better. Unfortunately it was still just as thick and there was no passion fruit flavour nor chocolate flavour. When we took a sip there was a strange taste to it, so upon second sip it almost had an alcohol like taste. It is very hard to describe.

But we can for sure tell you that this hot chocolate was not one of our favourites. The upside of this hot chocolate was that the Palmier was very good.    


Gianni The Chocolate Rocket

“A rich and creamy base of milk chocolate hazelnut gianduja with toasted Italian meringue floated on top.”

Price: $7.50

This was a very pretty drink with a simple but elegant display. Let me start off by saying that we are often nervous about trying any drink with hazelnut, but let me say that this was a very delicious drink. It had a subtle hazelnut taste and when mixed with the meringue it was amazing. Overall it was relatively a simple drink but with complex flavours which made this drink a real winner with us.

Let me finish by saying that Our Daily Brett may have changed our mind on hazelnut hot chocolates. Well done!   


Hot Pocky! (Chocolate Strawberry)

“Think chocolate covered strawberries – chocolatey with a hint of strawberry accompanied with crunchy strawberry pocky biscuits. Crafted with organic single origin cocoa and chocolate from a Calgarian chocolatier, this decadent hot chocolate is dressed to celebrate the lunar new year.”

Price: $5.50

This hot chocolate had a delicious chocolate strawberry flavour. It was the perfect pairing that you could really taste. It was rich and creamy, we were happy to hear that they made their own chocolate sauce for this hot chocolate. It was the perfect amount of chocolate and strawberry, neither flavour overpowered the other which was great.

The only comment we had is we wished the hot chocolate was hotter, temperature wise.    


Mellow Berry Bomb

“Juicy tart flavours of strawberry meet fresh fruitiness of smooth ruby chocolate. The extra portion of unexpected excitement gets added with the artisan made ruby chocolate marshmallow bomb. Watch the chocolate melt away and release the marshmallows into your drink.”

Price: $7.50

This was a really cool drink to watch the bomb open and release the marshmallows into the drink. The barista steamed the milk and then dropped the bomb and we watched the bomb open up.

The drink smelled very good and sweet like the ruby chocolate. The ruby chocolate gave the drink a subtle strawberry flavour which was amazing. The marshmallows tasted really good as well.


Hot Chocolate Bomb

“Master Chocolat’s milk chocolate hazelnut praline bomb is handcrafted by Bernard, and an indulgent chocolate experience. Made in store ready to drink, or take one home and make it yourself! Vegan option available.”

Price: $7.99

We opted to get the bomb to go, so we could make it at home.

This hot chocolate was very good, it had a subtle hazelnut flavour. It was very creamy which was really nice. It was very pretty watching the bomb explode and open with the goodies inside. The only comment we had is that the marshmallows were a little chewy, someone from Master Chocolat messaged and said that they were vegan. So maybe that is why they were a little chewy, but either way it tasted pretty good.