Our Top Six For 2019


As 2019 comes to an end, we decided to sit back and reflect on where we had been this past year and which places really stood out to us.

When we look back at where we went this past year, we went to a total of 72 different places, located in Calgary, Vancouver, Nelson, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and Fernie, including everything in between.

This past year I consumed just about 700 beverages in some form or another, including lattes, pure coffee (hand brew), drip, cold brew and even a few flat whites. This year I even tried my very first Mocha at Sought and Found, it was so delicious and I can say I have had a couple more since then.

In the month of February my wife and daughter tried 39 different hot chocolates in 28 days from 37 different places in Calgary to support YYC Hot Chocolate Fest and Meals on Wheels. There were some really delicious ones and some questionable ones. We cannot wait to see what the baristas come up with this year.

Our website seen the highest traffic it has in the three years of being operational with 9,500 views and with over 4,500 visitors. We cannot wait to see where the website goes in the next year.

This year we found a bunch of new outstanding independent restaurants that made our top lists for this year. We cannot wait to see what new places open up in 2020.


Top Restaurants

The Beltliner

This restaurant has become one of our favourites to visit at least once a month, not only to try their featured roaster, but to enjoy some of their amazing food. We really enjoy that they bring in featured roasters from all over the place and share their coffee with Calgary. Our favourite meals to get there are the Clubhouse, Chicken and Waffles, and the Mushroom Benedict.

Gus’ Pizza

This was a fast favourite after the first time we visited, it is now one of our go-to’s for pizza and pasta in Calgary. Located across from the Foothills Hospital they have a small quant location that is really welcoming. The have weekly features that makes it really nice to try new things while visiting. Our favourite meals are the Pepperoni, Onion, Green Pepper and Bacon Pizza, the Greek Salad, and their baked Spaghetti.

Top Cafes

Sought and Found

Not only is this a cafe with a great environment but the staff have become great friends and we are always welcomed with smiles. They are constantly working to improve and update their menu items so that people have a different experience every time they visit. Our favourite beverages when we visit are any of the Pure Coffees, a Mocha, Mist x Milk, Sweet Matcha, and the Houjicha x Milk.

Devil’s Head Coffee

Devil’s Head could have fallen into our favourite cafe as well as one of my favourite roasters. I felt it was more of a cafe as this is a place I hang out at quite a bit. Though this cafe is very small and there is no seating except for the roaster it has become one of my favourite places to go get a coffee. Chris and his staff are always very friendly and willing to chat about the different kinds of coffee that they offer or whatever else we can think of. My favourite is their Latte made with the Ethiopian blend.

Top Roasters

We had the opportunity to receive beans from a bunch of different roasters from all around North America and we wanted to feature a couple in our top list. Every sample we received we really enjoyed and cannot wait to see what is sent to us for 2020.

Reunion Coffee- Oakville, ON

These beans came across like drinking wine, they were super smooth and flavourful. They were the most unique flavoured beans I have ever had. My favourite was their Ethiopian which had flavours of strawberry and creamy milk chocolate, it would have been delicious in a Mocha I believe.

Eleven Speed Coffee Roasters- Victoria, BC

I first heard about Eleven Speed Coffee from Chris at Devil’s Head Coffee. I went through these beans really quick because they produced from outstanding coffee. They sent us 3 different coffees but my favourite that they sent me was their Guatemalan Blend because it was quite sweet with bright notes of citrus, proving a clean and delicious flavour.

Worldly Coffee

Patricia, Seven Seeds, Proud Mary – Australia

We were fortunate that our son went to Australia and was able to bring us back some coffee. He brought us a couple of each Patricia, Seven Seeds, and Proud Mary. Each of them were very delicious and absolutely amazing.

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 8.04.40 PM

Hoyser Country


A week or so back I received a bag of coffee beans in the mail from Hoyser Country. I was really excited to try these as I have been following their Instagram page for quite sometime now. When I opened the packaging the beans were shipped in, the first thing I saw was the bag was autographed from Claudia. Very cool.


The question I got asked from people we knew after I posted on Instagram, who is that girl in the hat on the bag? I told them that it was American Country Music artist Claudia

Hoyser. She was also a contestant on the sixth season of The Voice.  I had read that she has 2 passions, one is music of course while the other is coffee.

The Beans

Hoyser Country Blend

This blend is primarily composed of rare Tanzanian Peaberry beans.


What is a Peaberry Bean you might ask?

Peaberry beans are unique – usually, only between 1% and 9% of the beans from a harvest are classified as Peaberry. This simply means that the berry grew by itself, rather than in a pair. Most coffee bean pairs grow in close proximity, creating that flat side and a curved side. Peaberry beans occur when the bean grows by itself, becoming round and fuller. Peaberry beans have twice the nutrients and flavor of a single, normal coffee bean.


The Drinks

For these beans I decided I would try this coffee three ways, a drip, a hand brew and an espresso based drink.

The first drink I made was a latte. I pulled the shot a little short, there was a nice light brown crema. My first taste, the drink came off very strong and then as you kept drinking, the flavors settled down and the drink became very smooth and quite flavorful.

The other night I did up a hand brew. It produced some very richer flavor notes. It started off with some stronger chocolate notes and then got a little sweeter as the coffee cooled down.

We tried this same blend as a drip at work. Again, what I did on this day was have a few of our coffee connoisseurs at work give it a go.

The first pot I made, I went with a courser grind. We all found this coffee was very smooth but yet not as bold as I thought it would have been.

I then did up a second pot and I ground this one up a bit finer. This time the coffee came across as a fuller bodied coffee. The staff and myself preferred this grind.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed the beans that Hoyser Country sent to me. These beans proved quite excellent and would satisfy most tongues, so if you seek a bag of great coffee, go to their website hoysercountry.com and check them out on Instagram @hoysercountry.

Hoyser encourages you to share your “coffee moment” on their website, so please if you have a chance to try their coffee, share your moment.


 note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

Paddy’s Barbecue and Brewery


Today is the event we have been waiting for the Breakfast, Beers and Brunch. It is featuring Devil’s Head Coffee which has been infused with one of Born Colorado Brewing’s beers to create the Ghost Beer.

The Interior

When we first arrived it was very, very busy, we were waiting until they opened at ten but when we walked in the place was already starting to fill up. It is not a very big place,  there is six family style tables that a bunch of people were sharing. It is nice to see that so many people share the seats and enjoy talking to each other. The kitchen is wide open on the one side and you can watch them making the food and at the back they have a small bar that Chris, from Devil’s Head, was making espresso shots featuring The Ghost Espresso. It was nice to see everyone trying the coffee and ordering food and then taking a seat to enjoy their purchases.

The Drinks

Extreme Coffee Freak was the designated eater and driver so I choose to sample the espresso featuring Ghost from Devil’s Head today, the rest of this part is up to my wife and daughter.

We ordered a flight with the four different coffee beers they were sampling. For a flight it is $8 and for a glass it is $4.

Paddy’s BBQ and Brewery – Mocha Stout

We found this to have the most coffee and chocolate tones among all the beers, my daughter said she could really taste the coffee and it was really strong, almost too strong for her liking.

Banded Peak Brewery – Javalanche Stout

We taste the coffee flavouring a little after consumption, there is not as much coffee flavour while drinking it.

Eighty-Eight Brewing – Vietnamese Coffee Stout

We found it to be the strongest coffee flavour among the four and it was the favourite among a couple that we talked to.

Born Colorado Brewing – The Ghost Coffee Imperial Porter

We taste a subtle taste of beer but it is really smooth. There is a taste of coffee when you allow the beer to sit on your palate for a couple seconds.

My daughters list from favourite to least is as follows; Banded Peak Brewing, Born Colorado Brewing, Eight-Eight Brewing, and Paddy’s BBQ and Brewery.

My wife’s list from favourite to least is as follows; Born Colorado Brewing, Eighty-Eight Brewing, Banded Peak Brewery, and Paddy’s BBQ and Brewery.

The Food

Today they were featuring two different brunch menu items, the Maple Bacon French Toast and a Brisket Benny each is served with homestyle potatoes, baked beans, breakfast sausage, fried green tomatoes and fruit. As a bonus you also get a coffee, which is always a bonus.

Both my wife and I ordered the Brisket Benny for $12.00 and it was absolutely amazing. The brisket was fall apart and fantastic. Paired with the other fixings on the plate was absolutely amazing. The sausage was smoked and delicious, the fried green tomatoes didn’t need any additional seasoning.

My daughter ordered the Maple Bacon French Toast for $12.00 ad it was absolutely amazing. The maple bacon was such a great addition to the french toast. The beans were a little strange because they were hard, but maybe that is how they are supposed to be, the flavours were really delicious though.


The employees were very friendly and accommodating. Unfortunately we did have to wait a little for our food, but not complaining because it was really really busy. We had the opportunity to talk to the owners Dad about the business. We also were able to talk to the crew from Devi’s Head about the beer and their espresso they were serving today.


Monday – Closed

Tuesday to Saturday – 11:00AM – 9:00PM

Sunday – 11:00AM – 8:00PM


Extremely limited, they are on a cul-de-sac and don’t have a ton of parking. When you drive in be careful of the rabbits that are lurking around the business next door.

Final Thoughts

We would definitely be interested in coming back to try some of their other menu items and some of their beer which is extremely well priced. I am looking forward to ordering a full plate of meats and leaving with a meat coma.

Chix Eggshop

We found out that Connie DeSouza had opened a new restaurant called Chix Eggshop. It is a fast pace diner located in the Alt Hotel in East Village. It is a block away from one of her other restaurants, Charbar. We were really excited about trying this new adventure.


The Interior

It is a surprisingly small location with only fifteen tables and it was very busy when we arrived. The counter is right when you walk in and then to the right it is all tables. Once you walk in, you order your food at the counter, they give you a number and you go sit and wait for your food and drinks.

Where we were sitting you could see right into the kitchen and you can see that they move the food through pretty quickly. Our food came out quickly and it was hot. Got to love that!!!

All around the seating there was family pictures along the one wall. On the other wall there was more of a decorated wall feel.


The Drinks

My daughter and I ordered Latte’s for $5.50 and they used featuring Devil’s Head Coffee. They are a local roaster here in Calgary. The day we were there, they were serving a Peruvian coffee that I had never had. Chix Eggshop’s resident roaster is Phil and Sebastian’s which is another Calgary local roaster.

They were delicious. We were very happy to see they were using a local coffee roaster from here in Calgary.

My wife ordered a Earl Grey Tea from Rishi for $3.75 and she was thrilled that they used a higher quality tea than just the basic Twinning’s.


The Food

I ordered the Eggshop Poutine for $10.95 and a Bag of Bacon (literally a bag full of bacon, great concept) for $4.95 and it was excellent and who wouldn’t want a bag of bacon?. They use a mix of potatoes with Greek flavoring as well as using mexi-cheese which was so amazing.

The bag of bacon was literally a bag of crispy bacon, pure perfection. It was delicious and very filling. Just so you know, it is about 6-8 slices of bacon, not like other restaurants that serve you 2-3 pieces.

My wife and daughter ordered the Classy Chix for $13.95 each and it was delicious. It came with half a fresh avocado and lots of crispy bacon. It was lots of food and very filling.

My daughter also ordered the Giant Warm Half Pound Chocolate Chip cookie $7.95 and it was absolutely amazing. When it is served warm it is so much better, it was soft and smooth. She said she would order it again.


The Service

The service was amazing and quick. When we were just about finished our food, the chef came out and asked us about our food and we were able to ask some questions about our food. We said that we loved that the bacon was crispy and didn’t have to ask to be crispy. The chef’s comments were, “who wants a rubbery piece of bacon, right?”


The Hours

Monday to Sunday – 7:00AM – 3:00PM



There is street parking and a lot across the street, depending on the day you go, you will have to pay.


Last Words

We will definitely be heading back down there to try some of their other menu items, plus my daughter really wants another half-pound cookie. Go check this place out.

Hoopla Donuts

We had a Friday off and decided to try to head downtown to try Hoopla Donuts. They are located in the Canada Place building. They have a very nice location on the second floor. We also found out that Hoopla Donuts is owned by Phil and Sebastian Coffee.


The Interior

Since they are located in a professional building they have a corner lot with amazing colors all over. They have a bunch of tables inside their shop and a couple around the exterior. When we arrived it was quite busy and a lot of people were having donuts as well as grabbing boxes to go.


The Donuts

The Donuts are $2.95 a piece, $16.75 for a half dozen, and $29.95 for a full dozen. To me the cost is a bit high.

I ordered the Sweet Potato Marshmallow which had marshmallow fluff inside and it was really good. It was also glazed with brown sugar and topped with candied sweet potato.

My wife ordered the London Fog which had earl grey tea glaze, bergamot and tea infused whipped cream and tea flowers topping the donut. It was really delicious.

My daughter ordered the Cookies and Cream donut which had a vanilla glaze and chunks of Oreo all over the top. It tasted really delicious.

When we left we also ordered a half dozen to go, but we did find out that you have to eat them the same day or they turn hard and gross so we didn’t get to enjoy as many as we had hoped.

They also have a large selection of Vegan and Gluten Free options.


The Service

The girl working there was very friendly and was able to let us know all their top sellers. Unfortunately we didn’t try any of the top sellers that day.


The Hours

Calgary Place

Monday to Friday – 7:00AM – 4:00PM

Saturday and Sunday – Closed


Stephen Ave Weekday Pop-Up

Monday to Friday – 7:30AM – 4:00PM

Saturday and Sunday – Closed


Sun Life Plaza Weekday Pop-Up

Monday to Friday – 7:30AM – 2:30PM

Saturday and Sunday – Closed



There is only street parking located around the building and since it is Downtown Calgary, you will be paying for parking no matter where you park.


Last Words

I can see us heading back down there and maybe grabbing some to go so that we can enjoy them at home. Plus my son is Vegan and he would be able to have a bunch of their donuts that they have. If you want to try something new I would try one of their donuts if you find yourself downtown on a weekday.



Hey everyone, it’s Extreme Coffee Freaks daughter and I am in Toronto for a wedding and I thought I would check out a little coffee shop in Port Hope. This is the little town were IT was filmed and I had to check out this town no matter what. I was so excited to arrive in town and find the local coffee shop.


The Interior

It was a really small location attached to a store selling a bunch of hodgepodge items. There was only one guy working and it was busy when I arrived, so I hope that it was going to be good.

There was a couple tables where you could sit, but it was so hot in there, that I don’t think I could fully enjoy my drink while being really hot in there.


The Drink

I ordered a latte for $5.00 and I found it really pricey for what I got. It was really watered down and could not taste the coffee at all, plus it was extremely hot. The gentleman that was making the drinks unfortunately couldn’t even tell me what kind they were serving. Quite disappointing.


The Service

Service was just ok. They were selling a bunch of ice cream and I would keep to ice cream since that was what was heading out of the shop more than coffee.


The Hours

Monday to Friday – 7:00AM – 5:30PM

Saturday – 8:00AM – 5:30PM

Sunday – Closed



There was parking located all along the street and it was free.


Last Words

The guy working there was not the friendliest and he was abrupt and not easy to talk to. I was so looking forward to going and checking this place out and it was a complete disappointment.

The Loaf


Our final stop for lunch before heading home was at Loaf, a really cute little cafe located on Main Street in Fernie.


The Interior

There was a bunch of tables and a large family style table right in the middle. From our table you could see the kitchen and watch the chefs make our meals.

It was very busy and continued to be busy while we were there. It seemed like the place you had to go for lunch.


The Food

By the time we arrived in Fernie at 1:30 they were already sold out of a bunch of menu items and we noticed that it was slow service, we had to wait at least 30 minutes for our food.

My daughter and I ordered the CBLT for $16.00 (even though my daughter wanted a Chicken Caesar and they were sold out). The sandwich had Chicken, Bacon, Greens, Tomato, and Aioli on Toasted Sourdough. The chicken was seasoned really well, the flavours were absolutely delicious all together. It was also a bonus that the sourdough was homemade.

My wife ordered the Lunch Burger for $16.00 and it tasted really good. The burger was a house-made patty loaded with greens, onion, tomato and red pepper chutney on a house made ciabatta bun. Unfortunately her burger didn’t have the Chutney since the waiter said it was going to be spicy. It also came with shoestring fries which were good.


The Service

Besides having to wait 30 minutes for our food, the wait staff was friendly and accommodating.


The Hours

Monday to Sunday – 10:00AM – 10:00PM



There was parking all along Main Street and luckily the parking if free.


Last Words

If we were back in Fernie I am sure we would go back and try their Stone Baked Pizza since we seen a ton of them coming out of the kitchen.