Hi Everyone, what a great way to start my day, going to Purple Perk Coffee Market down in the Mission area on 4th Street SW. I thought Purple Perk was a stylish café with a mix of old and new decor and I thought it was an excellent place to just hang out with a friend/spouse or even by yourself.


Delicious drinks today, had the London Fog and a Vanilla Latte. We also decided to have breakfast while we were there.


We both ordered the Eggs Benedict. Purple Perk is very generous with the food; our Benedict came with 3 eggs instead of the standard 2. It came with chunky hash brown potatoes that were cooked in a BBQ type sauce that had a little kick to it. The food was excellent and was reasonable priced. The service was great as well.


The baked goods in the display case looked good, but breakfast was the food of choice this morning. There was lots of people coming by and getting food to go as well.


As it was a gorgeous morning we sat out on the patio and people/car watched. While looking down 4th in either direction, it appeared all patios were loaded up as well.


I did get a chuckle with Purple Perk’s front door that had a couple of guidelines on it for entry into the market.


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