This morning we listened to my daughters friend Nicolas and go to Kafka’s. It is located on Main and Broadway in Mount Pleasant.


The cafe is not that big, 12 tables, they have a good selection of beverages and food. This morning we ordered a Spanish Latte and two London Fogs.

As for the food we got a White Chocolate Raspberry Oatmeal muffin and a Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookie. Both are delicious. The cookie had a nice hint of salt in every bite and the muffin has a very strong raspberry taste to it, but still very yummy.

The best part about this little cafe is that the whole front area has sliding windows, so they can completely open the front of the cafe to the street. This would be nice on a very hot day.

All the art on the walls were for sale and very beautiful. One of my favourites was by Bill Wilkinson called Together. You could rent it for $60 a month or buy it for $1,950.

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