On Friday night we headed down to Inglewood to check out the Night Market. As we walked through the market, we seen some of the same vendors from the last market but we also seen a lot of new vendors there.

One of the vendors I did stop and talk to was the mobile cart of KaffeeKlatsch. They were selling their Cold Brew Coffee. The girl that was working the cart explained the cold brew process to me. Never having it before I ask to sample the cold brew. It was pretty good but not really my cup of coffee. I am more of a latte kind of guy but are interested in trying new things.


At the market they had a live band playing outside, they were really good.


We then continued walking, making our way down to Gravity Cafe. We decided to go in and get a cold beverage. As we entered we noticed that there was a group inside Gravity playing instruments and singing. They to were really good.



We ordered an Iced Chai Tea Latte and a Iced Dolce. Both drinks were really good. This was the first time my wife had ever had an iced chai tea latte. She loved it. We sat out on the patio and did some people watching. It was a beautiful night down in Inglewood.

The next Inglewood Night Market is August 12/16. Make sure you come down and check it out.

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