On September 16th we found ourselves in Kensington trying to find a place to have some dinner.  We walked by Burger 320 and decided to try it out, there is also a location located in Bridgeland.  When we walked in there was no one in the restaurant, so we decided to sit and wait for our food.

The menu has a lot of different items that we would like to try, but we decided that we would be trying more next time we visit.


The lady at the counter told us there was a patio, so we decided to move outside, this is where everyone was.  The patio was full of people enjoying their food, as we were waiting we seen an order come out and we thought “holy cow, it looks so good”.  This is when we couldn’t wait for our food.


When we got our food it was so worth the wait.  My daughter ordered the cheese burger with garlic fries and a strawberry milkshake, my wife ordered the 320 burger with garlic fries and a water, and I ordered the Wickens with plain fries and a water.  We found out that the Wickens burger was named after their grandfather who founded the family farm in 1905.

After looking at all the food, I’m sure that we could have shared the fries since there was so many.  The burgers were so good and delicious.

My wife and I were talking about this place and we said that this is possibly the best burger we have ever had, besides mine of course.  I have a feeling that we will be revisiting Burger 320 in the near future.

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