On September 10 we decided to head down into Kensington and grab a beverage at Red Bush Tea and Coffee Company. The first time we went to Red Bush was this past year during the YYC Hot Chocolate Festival. They were featuring a Tumeric and Black Pepper Hot Chocolate.

We arrived at Red Bush at about 8pm, the two girls working that night were laughing and having a great time. Their laughs were extremely contagious. The customer service they provided was outstanding. The environment at Red Bush is so relaxing, so before you know it the girls were doing there clean up as Red Bush closes at 9pm. They told us not to rush, they would just lock the doors. I thought this was terrific as we have been to other places, and they made you feel uncomfortable so that you do leave. Great Job Red Bush!

We really like this place as it is a cool little shop that sells coffee, tea, mugs, teapots, and has a cool candy shop. The candy they have on sale reminds me of my childhood. Lots of the items on sale are what I bought years ago. They had barrels of salt water taffy for sale as well. On one of the walls they have several canisters of tea that you can open and smell and hopefully help you decide what to order. They also have some baked goods.

Since the YYC Hot Chocolate Festival, Red Bush has kept the Tumeric and Black Pepper Hot Chocolate on their menu. This is my wife’s favourite drink and on that night that is what she ordered. Don’t let the ingredients scare you from ordering this drink. The drink is quite tasty and very different. What my wife likes to do as she drinks it is hold a bit in her mouth and then swallow it and you then get the taste of the pepper. It is a very unique drink.  I ordered the vanilla latte, which I have had several times here now. The beverage is very smooth.

It was great to finally see some of the sidewalks open down in Kensington. The city has had most of them dug up, which I would believe would be causing business disruption for these places.  There is also a lot of road construction that is making it hard for customers to find parking, but we are hoping that letting people know about this little coffee and tea house people will want to go and try a caffeinated beverage from Red Bush.

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