Today we decided to venture to the south and try a new coffee shop that we have never been to before, Cornerstone Music Cafe.

Their hot chocolate is called the Mexi-Cocoa Hot Chocolate which features Callebaut bittersweet chocolate, a blend of tummy-warming spices, and is topped with a homemade marshmallow. It’s gluten free.

We went right before they closed, which we tried to get there earlier but our timing could not allow it. When we got there the owner was cleaning up but she was more than willing to take her time on our hot chocolates and our latte.

The hot chocolate’s presentation was very simple and pretty, it was the hot chocolate with a homemade heart marshmallow on top. The flavouring was very good, if you like spice, it has a very warming feel. We found it very good, but with some of the sips we had, the spices were very strong. We found that the spices were in every sip and continued all the way to the bottom of the beverage.

Overall, this drink is not for everyone, but we enjoyed the very unique flavourings it had to offer.

We plan on heading back to try some of the other beverages and some of the food items.

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