Hey, it’s Extreme Coffee Freak’s daughter and I had the opportunity to visit Hot Black Coffee in Toronto, Ontario. I was so happy that I got to visit the coffee shop. It has been on the list of coffee shops to visit for a while. I only wish I would have been there a couple weeks prior when they still had the fire pit in the secret patio area.

When I seen the shop across the street I was getting so excited, it looks amazing on the outside and I couldn’t wait to walk inside.

The Interior

Walking inside it is not as big as I expected. There is tables all in the front area on the right side. On the left side, the menu is displayed all on the wall followed by the food and barista area. Near the back there is more tables and a door outside to the secret patio. 

Secret Patio

There is a patio out back that is amazing. It is so nice and secluded. I really hope that I can go back during the winter to see the fire pit. For the summer there are picnic tables which would be a very nice place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. 

The Drink

I looked over the menu and was very excited to order a Vanilla Latte. It was so delicious and amazing. I drank it so fast. I would want to try other menu items when I go back.


The Food

I didn’t order any food, but everything they had on display looked amazing.

The Service

Everyone I talked to was absolutely amazing. They were so excited to be working and talking about the coffee shop. Everyone seemed so helpful and amazing.

The Hours

They are open Monday to Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday to Sunday 8am-7pm. So there is no reason why no one can go and visit the place of the Best Coffee Ever.


I didn’t have to worry about parking since I walked down from the place I had gone for breakfast. If you were to drive it would be street parking.

Last Words

This was my favourite coffee shop that I have been to in a while. If you are in Toronto I recommend you stopping by Hot Black Coffee for the Best Coffee Ever.

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