When traveling through Alberta, I have usually cruised the same old roads up the number 2 going to Edmonton never venturing off the beaten path. However, this day we decided to change course, create our own path and head into Olds. I found myself on a detour, meandering a less-traveled route along a secondary highway to see some of the beautiful rolling hills of Alberta.  After reviewing a town map, one establishment stood out. We made our way down the street to the other side of the tracks to visit a local café called the Cocoa Tree Bake Shop. This shop specializes in cakes and cupcakes for all occasions.

The Interior

Nestled in an old house, the Cocoa Tree Bake Shop is one of the few coffee shops in the area. Buzzing with activity the morning of our visit, the shop was warm and cozy with a pleasant atmosphere and we were pleased to see that this little shop had a bunch of indoor and outdoor seating. While we were there, there was a group of ladies, I thought were retired teachers, lots of back and forth chatter, talking about a woman named Joyce. After listening to the stories, we would really like to meet Joyce.


The Drinks

After reviewing the menu, my wife decided to try something new that she had never heard of before. It was called an Iced Strawberry Matcha Slush, she said it was amazing and there was a strong taste of strawberry. To our amazement there was actual strawberries mashed into the beverage. My daughter had a Toasted Marshmallow Latte, she wished it tasted more like a toasted marshmallow. She was happy that there was a toasted marshmallow on the top of the drink. I enjoyed a Vanilla Latte, it was good. I think there could have been better flavour.


The Food

The cakes and cupcakes on display looked absolutely amazing. So we decided to try a few different things. We ordered a 6 pack of different types of cupcakes, a Rootbeer Cupcake, a Carrot Cake Cupcake, a S’more Cupcake, a Banana Split Cupcake, a Maple Bacon Cupcake, and a Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake.  They were moist but some lacked flavor unfortunately.

We also ordered a Lemon Brownie. It was a white chocolate brownie flavoured with lemon. It was delicious and not as sweet as what we thought it would be.  It was perfectly balanced and I would definitely order that again.


The Service

Overall, the service was really good. The staff were extremely friendly.


The Hours

Monday 9:30-5pm

Tuesday to Friday 9:30-5:30pm

Saturday 10-2pm

Sunday Closed



Cocoa Tree Bake Shop has a few stalls right out front and there is lots of parking on the street.


Last words

After polishing off our drinks and treats, we continued on our detour quite refreshed and ready for some more coffee. We were off to Sylvan Lake to see what we can find there.

If you seek good coffee and some treats in central Alberta, definitely check out the Cocoa Tree Bake Shop in Olds.

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