Certain retail spaces always seem to stay what they were in their previous lives such as a coffee shop stays a coffee shop, and a gas station stays a gas station. As if the space can harbor no other type of business.

I really wish more businesses would think outside the box to create something amazing. La Foret is that place. Once you see the pictures, you won’t believe this space used to be an auto body shop. I applaude what they have fashioned with this auto shop.

The Interior

The interior of this place is amazing with high ceilings and very modern décor. We showed up as they were just about to open so they let us roam around and really look at the space. We were expecting what we seen. Huge windows, large skylights and lots of seating. Did I mention the garden. They call it their forest (“Foret” means forest in France). Incredible.

The coffee bar is long and open. They have a huge display case with all the baked goods for viewing and to drool over. The kitchen is also open for all to see. No hiding in this kitchen.

For the space being so large, they have made it very interesting. We haven’t even mentioned the gabion walls. In case you were wondering what gabion walls are, they are built with a cage filled with rock.

The Drinks

We ordered a Vanilla latte, a Spanish latte and a Darjeeing tea. All drinks were terrific.

As for the coffee, they offer Timbertrain as their day to day roaster of choice, which is one of my favorite roasters. It’s unfortunate that I can only get Timbertrain at one shop in Calgary. So when I am able to get it, I like to take advantage of it.

The Food

After seeing the pictures of their waffles, we decided to grab some breakfast while we were here. Decisions, decisions, what type of waffle to order.

We ordered a couple waffle platters and I ordered the Mango waffle platter, I also ordered a side of potatoes and a side of bacon.

My wife and daughter’s only comments were that their potatoes were not too hot. They thought that they should serve a thick cut bacon, as the bacon they served lacked flavor. Both my wife and daughter thought the small salad on the plate was a great idea and tasted terrific.

Waffle Platter had a Fresh waffle, some eggs, bacon, a side salad, and potatoes


My mango waffle platter was outstanding. If you love mango, order this. When I go back to Burnaby, I will be going back there for another.

Mango Waffle platter had a Waffle, chunks of mango, blueberry, mango ice cream, almonds, mango syrup, and whipping cream

Not into breakfast, check out their baked goods. Everything looked amazing, everything is fresh and made in house.

The Service

All the staff we dealt with were very friendly and helpful. Just to let you know that once you order you get one of the light up coasters that lights up when your food and drinks are ready. No table service here.

The Hours

They are open 7 days a week, and they have great hours.

Monday to Friday: 8am to 11pm

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 9am to 11pm



They do have about 6-8 parking spots in the front and more parking behind the building. There is also some street parking available.


Last Words

I love to see these independent coffee shops thrive and survive. I would think that La Foret will have no problem doing that, they have quite a few office buildings close by as well as they sit in amongst houses in the community. After we sat down, the place was busy right until we left, which was great to see. Delicious food and great atmosphere. Definitely make a trip here if you are in Burnaby. Absolutely amazing!


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