Today we were down on 17th Ave walking and we came across Ollia Macarons and Tea. We have been wanting to come down here for a while now to try their Macarons. Today was the day!


The Interior

It is quite small inside, there is a long counter at the back of the store where there is all the Macarons on display so you can see all of them. On the left side of the store front there is a bunch of items for sale. Overall this a very intimate store front.

The Drinks

We didn’t know that they had any kind of beverages for sale, but when we saw that they were making Matcha we decided to try some. Ollia uses the same Matcha as one of our favourite online tea souces, Tea Factory, so we were quite excited to have one. When we were watching them make the drinks, we realized that they were just using the same machine as we have at home. So it was a little disappointing. The drinks were not that great we could just make the same drinks at home we were surprised to say the least.


The Food

Since they had macarons, I just had to get a couple. I got an Earl Grey, a Salted Caramel, a Cotton Candy, a Pistachio, a Sour Cherry, and a Vanilla. Some were delicious, but some of them really lacked flavour, unfortunately.

The Service

The staff that was there was very helpful and knowledgeable on their products. They were helpful in suggesting the different kinds of Macarons.


The Hours

Monday to Wednesday: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Thursday to Sunday: 10:00am to 8:00pm



There is street parking, but since there is a bunch of construction on 17th right now it is very difficult to find any parking.


Last Words

I would suggest just buying Macarons and no beverages if you head down to Ollia. The have holiday flavours of Macarons as well as their everyday flavours. The best part of their Macarons is that they are made fresh every day.

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