Our inspiration was the Rocky Mountains. The power of being in nature is like the healthy stress relieving benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Creamy reishi hot chocolate, topped with candied mushrooms, handmade marshmallows, dehydrated raspberries and a gluten free rosemary shortbread cookie.

This hot chocolate is $6.99 and is very interesting. It has candied mushrooms which were very good, they are definitely different. The inspiration of this hot chocolate was the ‘Forest Floor’ and everything that is used for this hot chocolate is made in house. It is a very healthy and creamy hot chocolate, which was delicious. I felt this was very creative, where else will you ever get to try a candied mushroom.  Super taste.  We talked to a couple of young kids that were having it as well and they really liked it also.  Another must try.

The shift supervisor and a pervious manager invented this beverage.

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