Our Real Chocolate x Milk features the 2018 International Chocolate Awards Canada and Americas regional gold medals winner, the 70% Tumaco Colombia dark chocolate, ethically sourced and locally hand crafted from bean to bar by Kin + Pod, completed with AB local, traceable, ethical and organic milk by Vital Green Farms, carefully steamed to create the desirable fluffy texture and integrate perfectly to make a rich, creamy and flavourful hot chocolate. Our goal is to let these top-notch ingredients speak for themselves.

This hot chocolate is $7.50 and has the most creamy chocolate flavour. It has so much chocolate it was delicious, it was so good, it was creamy. They use Kin & Pod chocolate which is delicious, mixing that with Vital Green Farms milk, brings the combination to a great end. It is very creamy, very chocolatey, and very goody.  This is a MuST HAVE!!

We are pleased to say that the owners, Kitty and Caleb, created this beverage.

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