This fantastical creation that feels like a big hug of warmth and love is made with a blend of chocolate shavings, brûléed buttered caramel, spiced rum, Bullet bourbon reduction, maple whip cream, steamed milk and fluff rim with buttered graham crackers. This delicious recipe creates an indulgently sweet taste topped with candied pecans, buttered bourbon drizzle and served with a salted graham cookie. Every sip is a glimpse of heaven! and you can enjoy its decadent taste at Cravings Market Restaurant (Non-alcoholic and nut free options available).

This hot chocolate is $4.75 and is a buttered chocolate delight. The drink is very sweet due to the caramel and chocolate combination. They used real maple whip cream and the cup was rimmed with marshmallow fluff which was amazing. The flavour really tasted like buttered pecan, it was really good and worth the drive. Overall this is an amazing hot chocolate and as long as you like sweet drinks this is a drink you would like.

The barista said that they sold a bunch at the beginning, but now the sales have slowed.

So everybody get out and try this hot chocolate before it’s gone.  Buying one gives Meals on Wheels money to feed people.  Drinking one will make you feel good and in turn you help other people.  The best win win ever.

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