On our way out of Vancouver we stopped in Abbotsford at a little coffee shop called Oldhand Coffee. This is truly a mom and pop coffee shop. One thing that often drops my jaw when I traverse the west is the number of aesthetically gorgeous coffee shops. I love it when you see reclaimed wood, shiplap on the walls, and mix of mismatched furniture. This place has it all.


The Interior

There is a lot of little tables located all around the shop. I did love seeing the chairs in this place, reminded me of when I was in school, oh so long ago. In the front corner there is a bench style table which would have been the place that we would have sat if we were sitting to enjoy our drinks. They have a table in the shop set up for small children and while I was there picking up our drinks I noticed a father and his little girl enjoying a beverage and some treats at the table.

On the walls near the bar in the back there were images of the family and historic photos as well. It was nice to see that they are very family orientated.

The Drinks

I ordered a Latte for $4.25. The shot was pulled just right and milk was steamed just right as well. There roaster of choice is Bows and Arrows coffee. I unfortunately haven’t had a lot of Bows & Arrows coffee but when I have had it, I found the flavor to be quite good.

My wife ordered a London Fog for $4.50 and it was delicious. It was really creamy and amazing.

My son ordered an Oat Milk Latte for $5.25 and he said it had amazing flavour and that the oat was very subtle.

My daughter ordered Vanilla Latte for $5.25 and she said that the vanilla was perfect, not too strong or too weak.

The Food

They had a case full of baked items and after looking at all the wonderful snacks, we decided to try a couple different things. We got a blueberry scone for $3.75 and it had amazing flavour. We got a cinnamon brioche for $4.25 and it tasted just like a cinnamon churro, it was delicious. We also got a brown butter coconut cookie for $2.25 and it had great flavour as well. We also grabbed a snickerdoodle cookie for $2.50 and a chocolate chip cookie for $2.25 which also were great in flavour. Everything was baked in house.

The Service

The employees were really great and very chill. They were very nice and were interested in why we were taking so many notes.

The Hours

Monday to Friday – 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Saturday – 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Sunday – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM



There is a bunch of street parking just out front of their shop.


Last Words

After lingering around for a few minutes, I had to bid adieu to Oldhand Coffee. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay longer as we were on our way back to Calgary and had a few more stops to make.

Maybe on my next trip back out west I will be able to stop back in and enjoy my beverage in their shop. There is just something so much better when you can drink out of a mug instead of a to-go cup.

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