La Diperie is a unique and interesting ice cream shop which is out of Montreal. The shop in Calgary is located in the northwest. There is so many options that you can choose from, so when you visit take the time to look over the extensive menu.


The Interior

The location is long and skinny, when you walk in the menu is on the wall on the left side. There is a long bar on the left side with every ice cream and every dip that they have. They only have a couple tables that you can sit at, hopefully, they will add more in the future. Since when we arrived it was very busy and hard to find a table.


The Ice Cream

If I had one complaint about this place is that the menu is way too big and creates quite the bottleneck at the front doors of this place. After standing there staring at this menu we were finally able to make up our minds on what to order and even then as I got closer I found myself waffling, should I get this flavor instead of this one. We did make it up there and made our decision.

I ordered the Vanilla soft serve ice cream dipped in orangicle with Smarties, it was really good. The organcile was delicious and had terrific flavor.

My wife ordered Becky’s Fav which is a Vanilla soft serve ice cream dipped in dark chocolate with ginger and pistachio. She said it was good, but it didn’t have enough ginger flavor she thought it would have. I tried a bit of hers and I did not like it.

My daughter had Madelaine’s Oreo which is a Vanilla soft serve ice cream dipped in Oreo chocolate and Oreo crumbs, it was really good.


The Service

The staff were all very patient with everyone. They were busy but still had time to answer our questions. As we sat enjoying our ice cream, you could see everyone asking a million questions.


The Hours

Sunday to Thursday – 12PM – 10PM

Friday to Saturday – 12AM – 11PM



There is a bunch of parking since they are located in a strip mall.


Last Words

We will most likely go back in a month or so to see if the quality and service are still at the same levels. Also will be interesting to see if they come out with some new seasonal flavors. If you want to try something new then I would visit them.

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