Our visit to I Love You Coffee Shop was an unexpected, quirky, and a happy surprise. I didn’t expect to find what I found when I entered this shop.


The Interior

This shop has reinvented the basement in the Beltline at 348B – 14th Ave SW. You have to look carefully for this shop as there is a sandwich board on the sidewalk directing you in to the space. They have since put up signage out front.

The stairs leading down are wide and bright. As you reach the bottom and turn right, it’s like you have entered into a fun space. I absolutely love what they have done. The vibe is fresh and different than anything we have been to before.

I made reference as it brings me back to my parent’s basement, depending how old you are. For me, that holds some very happy memories. What I didn’t mention was how bright and truly refreshing this space it considering there aren’t any windows down there.

The colour blocked walls are fun and Instagram worthy. The furniture is random, comfortable, and inviting. I really like that they play music on a turntable with vinyl records. You are definitely not going to hear the same music over and over again. The coffee shop has been inspired by Japanese Jazz Bars that play vinyl. I don’t believe we have anything like that in Calgary. I definitely enjoy experiencing new ideas.

The Drinks

After reviewing their menu we decided on some beverages. It is awesome as well that their menu offers you a couple different options, if you are taking your beverage to go you will pay one price and if you decided to stay and enjoy your beverage you pay another price. The other thing that was cool was the random mugs, no two are alike.

I ordered a Vanilla Latte for $4.40 and it had really great flavour. The shot was pulled just right and blended well with the milk. I haven’t had a lot of Calgary Heritage Roasters coffee beans but found the flavour profile terrific.

My wife ordered a London Fog for $3.40. It had really great flavour.

My daughter ordered a Vanilla Latte for $4.40 and she said it had great flavour as well.

The Service

Dan and Merm, were very friendly and accommodating. We enjoyed talking with them and they answered all our questions.

The Hours

Monday to Thursday:  6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Friday:  6:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Saturday:  8:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Sunday: Closed



Parking may be a problem for people coming from other parts of the city since there is only street parking and it is limited. However, on this night, we found parking right away.


Last Words

I suspect this shop will do well as they are in a neighbourhood that is walkable. Hours are long and will accommodate lots of people. I hope everybody goes and checks out this truly unique space. I want to go back and check it out on a weekend and see how the vibe is.

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