Many people love their local coffee shop for no other reason than it provides a pleasant place to congregate. All people naturally yearn for a communal gathering spot and it is no wonder people come to places like this to enjoy a coffee.

In our travels to Vancouver, we finally had a chance to stop by Revolver Coffee to check this place out.

What I really loved about this place other than the coffee of course was that they are in this old building and when you walk in they have all this ultra-modern equipment to make your coffee with. Very cool.


The Interior

As soon as you walk in, you see that seating and space are at a premium that is until you walk to the back of the shop and see that there is a whole other side to Revolver. There is window seats, booths and a huge communal table that looks like it would seat 20 people or so. Lots of exposed brick and wood everywhere.

Go check out the bathroom as well, very clever use of wood clamps for shelving. I love the unfinished plywood look as well.

Lots of dark colors, but because you have large windows at the front of the shop, you have tons of natural light coming in.

The Drinks

In regards to the coffee, the main reason of my visit, Revolver on the day I was there had 6 different roasters to choose from for a pour over, decisions, decisions???? So I decided to go with the Luna Deri Kedame, Ethiopia single origin pour over $4.50. It had a nice sweet balanced taste that went down ever so quickly.

My wife decided to go with the Earl Grey Misto $4.50. Today she went with no swetner and she found it very refreshing.

The other thing that was really great to see was the vast array of roasters that they had product from for sale. They had a total of 10 different roasters to choose from.

The Food

Sorry no food today, just drinks. There baked goods look terrific. 


The Service

All the staff were very friendly and pleasant to deal with. No complaints here.


The Hours

Monday to Friday: 7:30am to 6:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Sunday: Closed



Street parking only, have fun with this.


Last Words

After sitting down with our drinks, my wife and I enjoyed a delightful hour of good coffee and conversation in their open shop. After parting ways, I can easily see why Revolver holds a solid place in this local community, as great coffee in a gorgeous shop is not yet a common thing.

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