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Nut’s For You – $6.50

With the cold days of winter upon us, we’ve followed the lead of our small furry friends – the   chipmunk and squirrel – to create this nutty delight!  ‘Nuts About You’ is created from a base of almond chocolate Ganache steamed with milk, topped with an almond marshmallow and lastly drizzled with a gourmet toffee sauce!

Our first stop was at Bridgeland Market to try their creation, we were happy to see that they made all their components in house. Their Ganache Balls are melted in the milk giving it a creamy delicious texture.

The marshmallow was huge and delicious. There was an almond flavour to the mallow as well as toasted almonds and caramel sauce on top. It was not sticky, which was a very nice addition.

This was a very good hot chocolate to start off this event with.

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