Dark Cocoa with Toasted Banana Meringue – $7.00

With Valrhona 70% dark chocolate, cacao powder, sweet cream, and banana powder-infused house made meringue.

Unfortunately we had to get this beverage to-go so it doesn’t look the prettiest, but we plan on heading back this month to get one in a mug so it would look better. The whole team came up with the idea for this hot chocolate which is always great to hear.

The hot chocolate is very very luscious and creamy since it was made with dark cocoa, but the meringue was absolutely delicious. It is made with banana powder infused meringue. We were very pleased to taste the combination of the chocolate and meringue.

This hot chocolate has a very strong chocolate flavour and when the meringue melts in it tastes like a liquid chocolate banana cream pie. It is absolutely delicious.

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