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French Breakfast 2020 – $9.00

Very gourmand & entirely plant based! Coconut & almond milk, hot chocolate Valrhona Alpaco single origin – Topped with a smooth & silky coconut milk foam accompanied by a very cute petit pain au chocolat. Bon Appetit!

We were really nervous about trying this one this year since we were not a fan of the hot chocolate last year from Berlingo. Also the price point of this hot chocolate is high, yes we know that they use all high quality ingredients, but still we believed that it was a little high for a hot chocolate.

To our surprise we could really taste hazelnut even though there was no hazelnut flavour anywhere, it could be the combination of the coconut milk and almond milk together that gives you those flavours. The coconut foam was absolutely delicious, great addition to the drink.

This drink is borderline great, we think if they would have selected one of the plant based milks instead of both it would have been great. Also love the addition of the petite pain au chocolat.

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