Light You Up Hot Chocolate – $7.57

Chocoholic meets foodie in our signature blend of warming spices, medicinal mushrooms and raw cacao in this year’s Hot Chocolate Festival.

When we arrived, they were unfortunately closed, but the owner still made the hot chocolate which was very nice. When visiting these small locations make sure you check their Instagram for their hours because they may be different than that on google.

The hot chocolate is made in a vitamix which is always really cool. It has mushrooms, collagen, chocolate and cinnamon and many more items, but she said these are the flavours we should pick out. Upon first sip, you could really taste the earthiness of the different flavours. With each sip we could really taste cinnamon, but it was not overpowering in any way.

This is an expensive hot chocolate but is made with high quality ingredients that have a bunch of health benefits. When drinking this hot chocolate it had a slight gritty texture that was strange on the palette. We have found that texture can be a huge component in whether or not a hot chocolate is successful, it was good but the texture was not our favourite.

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