Founded in the home of American currency – Dalton, Massachusetts. A small town in the Berkshires, Dalton has been the home to many paper companies. The one remaining has been supplying the world with U.S. currency for over 200 years. It stands alone as the prime example of American ingenuity. We honor this tradition of keeping small town America the driving engine of economic growth. Join us to help keep our town a vibrant part of America. Tap into a truly unique coffee experience. The definition of currency… value for value.

The first thing that really intrigued me when I received this coffee was the detail in their packaging, and how they shipped it. The packaging on the bags is very cool. Even the box they shipped the coffee had their logo in it and inside there was shredded money. This is a company that really stands in front of its brand.

Taking it to task, I sampled the coffee via pour over, drip and as an espresso based drink.


The Beans

Oaxaca – Light Roast

Certified Organic Currency™ Oaxaca is a varietal with low acidity. Chocolate notes, walnut and honey flavors lace this beautiful Mexican organic coffee. Light roast.

I normally prefer a medium roasted coffee but after smelling this coffee, I knew I had to try it first. The aroma coming out of this bag when I opened it was so pleasant to me. The smell coming out of this bag was so sweet, you almost wanted to eat it up like candy.

I made this coffee two ways, I did a latte and then took it to work and did this as a drip.

The latte delivered an explosion of smooth sweetness, with lots of honey, with just a little bit of nuttiness. There were some floral notes hanging around there as well. I was extremely impressed with this coffee.

This Mexican drip coffee proved similarly fruity and sweet. So smooth with zero bitterness. Overall our staff at work preferred this coffee.

Out of all of these coffees, this was my favorite. It was terrific that this light roast coffee delivered so much flavour.


Civilization Blend – Light Roast

Civilization Blend from Currency™ Coffee Co. Beans from Guatemala and Peru fill this blend with bright acidity and well-rounded flavor. The enticing aroma of this light roast coffee will bring you in and back for more. Chemex or French press are a great way to bring out the characteristics of this blend.

I made this coffee three ways, I did a pour over and then took it to work and did this as a drip and did an espresso based drink.

The drip blasted out some stronger bolder flavors, proving to be a lusciously rich and juicy coffee. Our staff really loved this one as well.

The pour over rolled out notes of chocolate amidst a medium body, also proving delicious in its totality.

I also tried this one up in an espresso drink, it also blended well with the steamed milk and made for a lighter tasting latte.


Justice Blend – Dark Roast

Justice Blend from Currency™ Coffee Company. Not all blends are created equal. Justice Blend from Currency™ Coffee is a mix of Central American, Indonesian, and African beans. It has a rich and inviting aroma and a rich finish. Justice Blend is a dark roast coffee. There is a heavy sheen of oil on these coffee beans. Chemex or French press are a great way to bring out the characteristics of this blend and is great for espresso too.

This coffee I did as an espresso based drink and drip.

From what I have read this is Currency Coffee’s most popular blend. This was the last coffee I tried as I am not a huge fan of dark roast coffees. In both drinks I made this coffee proved to be both bold and rich tasting.

I pulled the shot a bit short with a nice brown crema, this espresso blended so nice with the milk. It had some nice chocolatey flavors with some fruity notes in there. The flavors were infused nicely in this blend.

The next day I tried this same blend as a drip. Again what I did was had a few of our coffee connoisseurs at work give it a go. We found this coffee much bolder than the others which I would expect out of dark roast blend. For those who love the dark roast really loved it and the others, not so much.


Last Words

Overall, Currency Coffee really impressed me with their offerings, with the attention to detail in their shipping and packing methods. Then when you finally sample the beans, the blends they have put together are outstanding. They have something for all coffee lovers in their lineup.

Go to their website at and check out their products.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.






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