I received some coffee back in March from Talking Crow Coffee Roasters. I have now had some time to sit down and finally write my review. They are located in Washington State. Prior to the COVID 19 starting up we were planning a trip to the US to visit some roasters and coffee shops. We have since put that trip on hold. Below is a couple of clips from their website to say a little about them.


Where their name came from??

Inspiration came from an injured baby crow that was brought to Eric when he was a young boy and rehabilitated by him and his family. During that time they named him Tony and taught him how to talk. Tony adored Eric and showed his devotion to him by flying alongside the school bus and hanging around the schoolyard waiting for Eric to finish with his day. While he waited, Tony visited the special needs children when they had their recess. To their amusement he could count to ten and sing the ABC’s, but, also had many short phrases that he would say such as, “Hello”…”Play ball”…”Don’t fall”. He could even meow like a cat and bark like a dog! He was incredible and unique – the perfect model for our brand.


Their Story

Talking Crow began with us, a husband and wife with a passion for excellent coffee.  We are a predominately decaf coffee company and this is why…for health reasons Carol needs to drink decaf.  Third Wave Specialty coffee offers choices of roasts, regions and seasonal single-origins all with phenomenal tasting notes, but these varied offerings are not available for decaf. We’re here to change that by providing a range of selections. Whether you are an occasional or a consistent decaf coffee drinker, now you don’t have to settle for “meh”. We set out to redefine decaf for you…it will taste exceptional and you will have choices. Coffee is for everyone. Caffeine isn’t.

We are committed to using 100% natural and chemical free Swiss Water Process decaffeinated green beans.  Pursuing quality relationships with the producers (farmers) and suppliers (importers) allows us to source the best quality beans. Small batch roasting enables us to ensure quality and consistency. Running a fluid bed roaster lets us minimize our carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions. These intentional choices represent our values.  All of them result in coffee worth talking about. And for those of you who drink regular…we do that too!

Taking it to task, I sampled the coffee via pour over, drip and as an espresso based drink.


The Beans

Ethiopia Sidama Shantawene

Swiss Water Process Decaf

I made this coffee three ways, I did a latte and then took it to work and tried this as a drip.

The latte delivered a punch right in your face with sweetness and also delivered some strong notes of chocolate and caramel. I was extremely impressed with this coffee.

I took this one to work and brewed this as a drip. The coffee proved similarly fruity and sweet and was so smooth with zero bitterness. Overall our staff at work preferred this coffee.

The pour over also proved excellent with notes of chocolate and just a bit of sweetness, amidst a medium body, also proving delicious in its totality.

Tasting notes: Raspberry, peach candy, dried apricot, red grape, chocolate and caramel


Kenya Tamu ab

I made this coffee two ways, I did a pour over and an espresso based drink.

The pour over blasted out some stronger bolder flavors, proving to be a lusciously rich and juicy coffee. The coffee rolled out notes of chocolate with just a touch of citrus.

I also tried this one as an espresso drink, it blended well with the milk and made for a nice sweeter tasting latte.

Tasting Notes:  Maple syrup, citrus, dark chocolate, black currant


Costa Rica Tarrazu

Swiss Water Process Decaf

I pulled the shot a little long with a nice brown crema, this espresso blended so nice with the milk. It had some nice chocolatey flavors with some citrus fruity notes in there. The flavors were infused nicely in this coffee.

Later that night I tried this coffee as a pour over. The pour over was like fireworks exploding in your mouth, the citrus flavors were outstanding. I also wanted to say that I found this coffee so refreshing to drink.

Out of all of these coffees, this was my favorite. It was terrific that this light roast coffee delivered so much flavour.

Tasting Notes: Floral, Citrus, Hints of Caramel and Chocolate


Last Words

Overall, Talking Crow Coffee Roasters really impressed me with their decaf selections they sent me. I was always a believer that decaf tasted different or lacked in flavor and found I was scared to even try it. Carol and Eric have changed my mind on decaf. For that I thank you.

To everyone else, please go to their website at and check out their line-up. They have something for everyone, but make sure you try some of their decaf coffees, you won’t be disappointed.



note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.






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