We were trying to find somewhere to head for breakfast and being near Deerfoot Meadows you don’t have many options. We decided to try this place out. They are located in the old Rockin’ Red Robins by the Leon’s on 11 Street SE.

The Interior

It still had some of the decor elements from the Rockin’ Red Robins, the retro booths, the retro memorabilia, and the same kind of music. It was cool to step back into the past and eat breakfast like it would have been in the 50’s. My daughter wishes she would have worn a poodle skirt to fit into the times.

The Food

After reading through all the different items on their menu, there is quite a few, we decided to try a couple different things.

My daughter ordered the Avocado Toast for $17. It had crushed avocado, red peppers, goat cheese and it was served on Rye Toast. The portion size was perfect and the eggs they use are gigantic. It was a really nice layered toast, the hollandaise was whipped and created in a whipped cream maker. It was nice and whipped. She also had a fruit cup which was huge and had a good selection of seasonal fruits.

My wife ordered the Marilyn Monroe for $13. It had two extra large eggs (they were definitely huge) with crispy bacon, two huge pieces of sourdough bread and hash browns. There was so much food and everything was absolutely delicious. The hash browns had a delicious flavour.

After we were done eating we wanted to try their pancakes but they had more of cakes. You get six (6) for $8. They come topped with maple whipped cream and fresh strawberries, drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce. We got ours with just the whip and strawberries on the side. Unfortunately the strawberries didn’t come sliced and we didn’t get any flavour from the whip even though we should have tasted vanilla and maple. The cakes themselves were delicious, it is such a cool way to make pancakes more fun.

The Service

Our server was nice, friendly, and very helpful. The coolest part is there is a service button on your table, so when you are ready to order you just hit the button and they come take your order. They check once to see how the food is and then they leave you until you hit the button. We think more places should do this. When we were ready to leave we just hit the ‘CHECK’ button and she brings everything for you to pay.

The Hours

They are open everyday from 7:00am to 3:00pm.



There is a bunch of parking out front in the lot. They also have drive up spots if you want to eat in your car outside as well.

Last Words

We might head back to try some of their other menu items since they sounded really good.

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