We decided to check out a new place in Medicine Hat and it was absolutely amazing. It is a super cute little place off the beaten path, but we were so happy that we visited. They have been around for 16 years, but only 6 years in the location that we visited. 

The Interior

They have a bunch of seating inside with the bar and kitchen at the very back of the shop. On the left by the bar they have a little market with a bunch of different items for sale. My daughter picked up some Vanilla loose leaf tea that they had for sale. It was nice to see that they have a bunch of different items available for purchase as well as all of their products as well. There was a variety of seating at tables, a raised table for working, and there is even a covered patio out front.

The Drinks

After reviewing their menu we decided on a couple drinks as well as some snacks.

My daughter and I ordered the Latte for $4.50 (M) and $5.50 (L) and it was very smooth and delicious. They both had really good flavour, my daughter made a comment that it smelt really strong but it didn’t taste as strong as it smelled. 

My wife ordered a ZB Fizzy Lemonade for $4.00 and she said it was delicious. They make everything for this drink from scratch and you can really tell by the way it tastes. My wife said it was “another level with the fizz”.

The Food

All their food looked absolutely amazing so it was really hard to deicide what we wanted to snack on. Everything was made in house. 

I had the Queen Elizabeth Date Cake for $5.00 and it was amazing! It was delicious and we said it was way to good for the Queen. It was so good that we bought two more pieces for the road.

My wife had a Macaroon with Cranberry, Almonds, and Apricots for $4.00 and she said it was delicious. You could taste all the flavours in each and every bite. 

My daughter had a Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie for $2.00 and it was delicious and soft. The cookie had great flavour and she was thrilled that it was soft and not hard.

We also got a Bag of Morsels for $6.00 for the road. 

The Service

Everyone there was very friendly and helpful. We talked to Melanie and she was very friendly and answered all of our questions that we kept asking. It was busy with people who knew where they were located, Melanie said it was a lot of regulars who have been supporting the business for years.

The Hours

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


There was parking along the street out front. If it was really busy you would have to park a little ways and walk over. 

Last Words

From now on when we go to Medicine Hat or driving through we will be stopping at our new favourite cafe, Zucchini Blossom Market and Cafe. You guys should definitely check them out.

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