Drop it Like it’s Hot

“We are all about experiences at Pixie’s, which is why we wanted to offer you an interactive way to enjoy your hot chocolate! Enjoy dropping our in-store made fresh Sea Salt Caramel Fudge into steamed milk, stir it in and watch as the fudge melts into a luxurious, rich hot chocolate. Each cup of Drop it Like it’s Hot features flavor notes of caramel, rich fudge, and topped with the perfect hint of pink Himalayan salt!”

Price: $5.50

This candy store is located in The District in Stoney just off of Country Hills Blvd NE and 14 Street NE. This is their new location, before this they were located in the Symons Valley Famers Market.

This hot chocolate is very interactive and delicious. Pixie’s Candy Parlour gives you homemade Sea Salt Fudge on a skewer to mix in the hot milk to make your own hot chocolate. It is so much fun. It is their first year in YYC Hot Chocolate Fest and we could tell that they will do very well. Once all mixed together you get the perfect amount of salt and chocolate, it has clearly been worked on for a while to get the best balance of the two flavours.

This hot chocolate is on another level since the fudge is made in house and you get exactly 22 grams to make the perfect hot chocolate, any more and it’s too salty, any less and it’s too milky, Jacky the owner really made sure it was absolutely delicious and balanced.

If you are heading up Deerfoot near Country Hills make sure you stop and try this amazing hot chocolate and even pick up a couple candies while you are there as well.

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