The Wooly Cardigan

“This rich hot chocolate is the very essence of being curled up by the fire in your favourite wooly sweater. Cardamom and cinnamon add warmth and texture to this earthy bittersweet hot chocolate. Creamy and comforting, with a hint of maple to soften the edges of a chilly Canadian winter.”

Price: $4.95 Small, $5.50 Medium, $6.00 Large

We found this hot chocolate to be very simple this year. The flavour was not very strong, we could taste a little cinnamon but none of the other flavours. We were kind of sad since their hot chocolate last year was really good.

Unfortunately we found that the last few sips really disgusting because all the spices had dropped to the bottom and made the last bit of the drink undrinkable. We were unsure how to help make this better.  

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