Joy Drop

“We created this year’s hot chocolate entry to hit you right in the feels. Warming you up from the inside out, and keeping the smile on your face – sip after sip. We start with our own Venezuela origin dark chocolate produced in-house from the bean, add some caramelized chocolate for the right amount of sweetness and creaminess, and finish with a generous squeeze of our house made bourbon caramel sauce.”

Price: $6.00

Chocolate Lab has moved from Centre Street to Highfield Circle, this location is a lot bigger and really well designed.

This hot chocolate is very thick and creamy with a great caramel flavor. When we got it the temperature was very hot which was nice that we could enjoy the drink over a longer period of time. We opted to get the beautiful chocolate snowflake for the additional $1. It was very pretty and tasted amazing.

This was a very good hot chocolate and we would recommend trying this drink if you are looking for one to try.  

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