Chocolat Chaud Facon Banana Split

“Black Sheep’s fruity take on the hot chocolate! A comforting banana split in a cup. A fresh strawberry white hot chocolate topped with a rich vanilla bean whipped cream, fresh banana, house made chocolate sauce.”

Price: $9.00

If you are wanting to treat yourself to a delicious hot chocolate, we would suggest you head over to Black Sheep and grab their Banana Split Hot Chocolate and a delicious baked good.

This hot chocolate is absolutely delicious and it tastes exactly, we mean exactly, like a banana split. It had smooth and creamy vanilla bean whip with homemade chocolate sauce and strawberry chocolate. We could not believe how delicious this hot chocolate was.

Black Sheep’s hot chocolates in the past have not disappointed and nor has this one. Make sure you get over there to try this one before the end of February.  It is definitely worth the price, trust us!

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