“A super smooth, thick and rice 70% dark chocolate, topped with wild berries, Italian meringues and a rose flavoured whipped cream, finished with rose petal for decoration. Creazione means creation and creativity, it is the key to our specialty drink. The different textures are perfect together. The chocolate is smooth, the meringues and the berries are crunchy, the rose cream is light. The flavour is intense but balanced by the acidity of the raspberries the sweetness of the rose mousse. Creazione is also beautiful; the presentation is delicate, elegant… and Instagram friendly.”

Price: $6.99

So let me just say that we were very disappointed when we received this hot chocolate because it looked nothing like the picture. It was not beautiful, delicate or elegant, and definitely not Instagram friendly. We were really disappointed at the presentation of this beverage.

After saying that, the chocolate portion of the drink did taste pretty good, except when the pieces of meringues fell into the drink giving weird chunks in the drink. We do not like the chunks in our drinks.

Overall this was a disappointing drink, but we would hope that someone else gets a better drink than we did.

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