Turtle-rrific Hot Chocolate

“We took inspiration from our favourite candies, Turtles, to craft this caramel, pecan, and chocolate drink. It is topped with a delicious combo of whipped cream, caramel and chocolate syrup, and crushed pecans. Last but not least there is also a Turtles Candy!”

Price: $6.50

Let us just start off with saying that we were excited to try their creation this year since last year was absolutely amazing. Now saying that it does taste like a turtle, we were unsure at first if it was walnuts or pecans on top. With that we found that whichever nut was on top made the milk taste different and almost change the flavour of the hot chocolate as a whole.

The hot chocolate did get better as we drank it, but again we are not fans of chunks in the hot chocolate and with the crushed nuts on top they fell into the drink and made it difficult to enjoy the beverage. We would suggest eating the whip with the crushed nuts before enjoying the hot chocolate.

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