Chocolate Cherry Cheese Cake

“Delicious chocolate with a hint of cinnamon topped with Cheese Cake infused whip, cheese cake chunks, crème de cassis macerated sour cherry and cherry juice drizzle.”

Price: $6.50

Let me just start out that we are very disappointed about this hot chocolate. We had high expectations because the one last year was really delicious and amazing.

First, it was not hand-made, they used a machine to make it (similar to the one you see at Tim Hortons). When we asked why they were not hand-making these drinks the staff were not very friendly and just said that they make a ton a day. We know of businesses participating in this YYC Hot Chocolate Festival making over 100 a day and each are hand-made, so sorry that is no excuse.

Next, it really didn’t taste like a cheesecake at all. We found it tasted more like a cinnamon crumble, we didn’t get the cherry or the cheesecake at all. There were chunks of “cheesecake” in the drink which didn’t add any flavour or anything. Plus, we are not ones for chunks in our hot chocolates, so this was a huge turn off for us.

Lastly, the drink didn’t look pretty at all which was really sad. When we removed the lid, the whip had melted in and it almost looked like the drink had curdled.

We just want to comment, that yes this is for charity and we feel like you should be friendly and try to make a quality hand-made drink that tastes and looks good as well.  

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