Ten Degrees Cinful Hot Chocolate

“The TEN Degrees Cinful Hot Chocolate is created using our house-made 50% Dark Milk Cinnamon Bun Chocolate, finished with a cream cheese whipped topping, a cinnamon churro, and a TEN Degrees Cinnamon Bun Chocolate Square… the perfect cinnamon bun in a cup!”

Price: roughly between $8.00 to $8.50

Thank you to our friends Mitch and Nora for going to try this hot chocolate and letting us know how it was. This post is written from the information given to us.

This hot chocolate had a delicious subtle cinnamon bun taste to it, it was not overpowering which was really great. The churro was amazing, especially when dipped into the cream cheese whip. The little chocolate square that comes with the drink had a really good cinnamon taste to it. It was also a really smooth hot chocolate.

The only comment we had was that there was a little bit of chocolate that was built up at the bottom of the cup, almost like it didn’t melt all the way through.  

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