Madagascar Tropical

“We have gathered the best ingredients Madagascar has to offer with in a real tropical treat! Madagascar single origin chocolate, tangy deep rich and unforgivingly smooth with a touch of vanilla bean and passion fruit and coconut to complete your trip to the tropics in each cup. Served with a crunchy Palmier! Both treats are plant-based and do not contain any dairy!”

Price: $9.00

Last year their hot chocolate was very thick and we were not big fans, so this year we went back hoping that it was better. Unfortunately it was still just as thick and there was no passion fruit flavour nor chocolate flavour. When we took a sip there was a strange taste to it, so upon second sip it almost had an alcohol like taste. It is very hard to describe.

But we can for sure tell you that this hot chocolate was not one of our favourites. The upside of this hot chocolate was that the Palmier was very good.    

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