Hot Chocolate Nutella with mini Bomboloni (Hazelnut Chocolate)

“Our famous traditional hot Dutch chocolate with Nutella topping with our whipped topping drizzled in Dutch chocolate sauce topped with a mini Italian nutella bomboloni doughnut.”

Price: $5.00

Let me start off by saying that we were excited to try this hot chocolate since they had an amazing hot chocolate creation last year.

Now with today’s experience it was not the best at all. We arrived and was told to wait outside, which was fine, but when we came inside the staff were not very friendly about it. We stepped to one side and the staff member said to move over because we were too close to another table, although we were still 6ft away from the closest person. We were close to a plant that was all. It just seemed like the staff were not happy and there is no reason to treat your valued customers the way that we were treated. It was very hard to enjoy this drink after the experience we had.

Now the drink… it was a simple hot chocolate with whipped cream. There was no flavour in the hot chocolate except on the top with the sauce and the bomboloni. The bomboloni was oily and didn’t have any hazelnut flavour, the filling tasted more like chocolate than hazelnut.

Overall this was not a great experience for us at all and it was very disappointing to be treated the way we were.

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