This time we decided to final head to Earnest Ice Cream (Quebec St.) and try what everyone has been telling us to try. Waiting in line there is a stop sign where once it turns green you are allowed to go in. The line was not as bad when we got there, but when we left it was really long. We were looking at the menu before we even entered so that we could order and then leave.

The Interior

There is seating on one end and then near the exit is where the ice cream is all located. They have the menu located behind where they serve you, you can see all the flavours that are around all the time and then the seasonal. It was very hard to decide what to try for sure.

The Ice Cream

After reviewing all the different kinds of Ice Cream, it was very hard to decide but we eventually chose a couple different kinds.

I ordered Espresso Flake and Salted Caramel for $7.50, they both had amazing flavour separately and mixed together. Although I found the Salted Caramel a lot better in my mind.

My wife ordered the Lemon Tart and the Strawberry Basil for $7.50, both were amazing and mixed together was outstanding. I really enjoyed Strawberry Basil the best, since I love those flavours. 

My daughter ordered the Cookies and Cream and the Vegan Nanaimo Bar for $7.50, they were amazing. She said that if we were to go back she would get the Nanaimo Bar again for sure, it tasted exactly like a Nanaimo Bar with chunks in the ice cream.

My son ordered the Lemon Tart and the Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb for $7.50, he said that they were delicious. He seemed to mix the two and he said it was like a strawberry lemonade. 

My sons roommate ordered a Chocolate Fudge Sundae with Chocolate Ice Cream for $7.25, he said it was delicious and was perfect end to the dinner. It was very pretty in decoration for sure.

The Service

The scooper that was helping us was very friendly. She made sure that everything we ordered was done correctly. She was very friendly for sure.

The Hours

Monday to Sunday – 1:00pm to 9:00pm


There is only street parking and this time the parking is free.

Last Words

Since we love ice cream as much as we love coffee we would defiantly come back to try some more of their ice cream flavours. If you are in Vancouver, make sure you try and make your way to Earnest Ice Cream to try it for yourself. 

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