Pina Chocolata

“Our take on a hot chocolate Pina Colada! Inspired by one of our staffs way to flirt with her favourite cocktail, something to keep her warm while thinking of the beach.”

Price: $6.75 for non-alcohol, $12.50 for white rum added

Unfortunately, there is not much good about this drink. It doesn’t taste anything like a pina colada, we think the drink needs more work. Watching the guy make the drink, he used pineapple juice, coconut cream, chocolate and cinnamon. It just seems like a weird combination.

When you drink this hot chocolate you get a bitter tart and sour flavour. Unfortunately the whip wasn’t working so we didn’t get any, but to be honest, we don’t think the whip would have helped. We also don’t think that the addition of white rum would make it better either.

Overall this is not a very good drink, from flavour to mouth feel, we really hope we just got an off one, but we don’t know. How can one be so good and the other be so bad?

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