Strawberry Cheesecake Hot Chocolate

“If you love our strawberry cheesecake, you will love our strawberry cheesecake hot chocolate. Hot Chocolate is made with house made strawberry compote, cheesecake foam, topped with whipped cream, strawberry and cheesecake drizzle, and finished with our heart shaped shortbread cookie.”

Price: 12oz – $6.25, 16oz – $6.95

We were very excited to try this hot chocolate since they are a bakery and their desserts are delicious. We are sad to report that this hot chocolate was lacking the cream cheese flavour in the drink. We searched and searched and came up with nothing, it was like the cream cheese foam was missing from our drink. On a good note the strawberry compote was very good and had a strong strawberry flavour. The cookie on top had good strawberry flavour, it was a little too buttery for our liking.

Hopefully if you go there you can get more of the cheesecake flavour than we did in our drink.

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