Cookie Dough Hot Chocolate

“When you were a kid, did your parents ever tell you not to eat the cookie dough? Then the moment they looked away you snuck a taste? Guess what, they’re still not looking, time to go into Cookie Monster Mode!! Try Hexagon’s specialty Cookie Dough Hot Chocolate this winter.”

Price: $6.50

Let me start off by saying that the cookie was outstanding. A perfectly cooked chocolate chip cookie. We were sad to find out that they used canned whip and that the hot chocolate is a basic standard hot chocolate. There was no cookie dough flavour throughout the drink at all, the only spot we got any cookie dough was in the cookie. We wished that they would have added a cookie dough flavour throughout the drink, maybe with a cookie dough whip or marshmallow whip. In the drink they could have used a syrup that bought together the flavor a little more. 

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