Ginger Snap Hot Chocolate

“Ginger Snap! We believe we have done it this year with our entry for YYC Hot Chocolate Fest. Mixing the spicy flavour profile of a Ginger Snap Cookie with our already decedent and creamy hot chocolate, this drink is sure to delight all sweet and spicy lovers. If the Cinnamon Sugar and 5 Spice aren’t enough to captivate the audience then the Ginger Bread Man peeking out of the Whipped Cream might just have to come along and steal the show.”

Price: $3.25 small

When I first smelled the hot chocolate all I got was ginger which was very good. I was happy that the flavour was throughout the whole drink. I was shocked to find out that this drink was made with chocolate milk, it slightly changed the way the drink was tasting in my mind, if it was made with chocolate ginger syrup it would have just heightened this a little more.

The cookie was cute and tasted really good. It was a great addition to the drink.

Ingredients : Chocolate Milk, Gingerbread cinnamon sugar, Chinese 5 Spice, Whipped Cream, Cinnamon, Mini Ginger Cookie

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