Lemon Meringue Pie Hot Chocolate

“If you like it tart but sweet, this hot chocolate is your calling. Dark chocolate and lemon essence infused hot chocolate. Topped with lemon whip, mini lemon tart and baked meringues… it makes all the others pucker with envy.”

Price: $7.00

To our surprise, all the lemon was not too much. It was the right amount of lemon and you get it in every sip for sure. The little lemon tart was absolutely delicious and had great lemon flavour. We have not always been excited about meringues but the ones you get on this drink were very good. The only comment we had was we wished they didn’t put the chocolate sauce on top of the lemon whip because it really took away from the lemon flavour. Other than that the drink was very good and very lemony.

Ingredients : Chocolate sauce, dairy, lemon essence, lemon whipped, lemon curd tart and baked meringues

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