This afternoon we decided to stop at another cafe and we decided Caffe Divano it is located in Burnaby on East Hastings. This location does not have very much parking available, the lot behind the cafe is very small and busy and not good if you drive a F150.


The cafe was very crowded, there was everyone from students (free wifi) to families. It seemed like it would be a great place for students to come and study on a wet and rainy day like today.


Caffe Divano had a nice selection of sandwiches and snacks, including a homemade Oreo, homemade lemon coconut macaron, and a banana muffin. This time we didn’t order any snacks.


For the beverages we ordered a Spanish Latte, a Chai Tea Latte, and a Matcha Latte. The Spanish Latte was very delicious and warming. The Matcha Latte was very green, it was good but don’t drink it till the bottom because there was chunks of unmixed matcha (my daughter spat it out and was shocked). The Chai Tea Latte was very good even with the added Vancouver umbrella water, but there was a lingering spice taste. After the incident with my daughters drink, my wife didn’t drink hers to the bottom and to her surprise there was a thin layer of chai.  Once I started to drink my Spanish Latte I decided to try and designing with foam, but I think I’ll keep my day job.

You might ask about the Vancouver umbrella water… There was a slight situation with an umbrella, my daughter, and the rain. My daughter went to move the umbrella and some of the Vancouver rain came down the umbrella all over the table and a little went into my wife’s drink. It didn’t change anything. It’s just water.  Here is the culprit.


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